Herbs for your Pet

Herbs for your Pet
Pets can also benefit from the incredible properties of herbs when plagued by minor ailments or when their bedding and kennels are not clean and fresh. Obviously you must know what is ailing your pet before treating them with anything and keep in mind if your pet has a serious issue or their minor problem persists you must consult a vet. Never give your pets fresh herbs because they have a shorter digestive system and cannot tolerate them.

Fleas and a musky unpleasant smell can become issues in your dog's bedding and depending on the size of the dog, the bedding can be very difficult to wrestle into the washing machine or clean by hand. As a stop gap measure try a kennel cleaner made with peppermint.

3 cups boiling water
4 peppermint tea bags
2 Tbsps fresh peppermint leaves, crushed
7 drops clove essential oil
  1. Steep teabags and fresh peppermint in boiling water until completely cool.

  2. Strain and add essential oil.

  3. Pour into spray bottle and use to clean inside of kennel and spritz onto bedding.

  4. **still clean the bedding regularly**

  5. Dogs can get sore paws in the winter and dogs that have a great deal of hair can actually damage their paws when they get snow clumps between their toes. Their pads can actually get chapped and cracked if they love to play in the snow. So try a little beeswax and Calendula smeared sparsely on the chapped areas. This treatment is safe if they lick it away and will not stain your fabrics if your pet likes to sleep on the couch.

    Pets can suffer from similar effects of aging as human beings. Arthritis, sore muscles and sometimes even dementia can reduce the quality of your pet's life and leave them unable to move around the way they could when young. Herbs are very effective for treating the pain associated with aging and you can easily add these treatments to their food. Try a little grated ginger, diffused rosemary water or dried parsley over canned food and track how your pet reacts. You should see a greater nobility and alertness.

    Many pets get nervous, and suffer from separation anxiety which can cause them to bark, destroy things and sometimes have bladder control issues. Try Valerian drops in their water, or chamomile and lavender on their bedding to create a calming scent.

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