Herb Fresheners

Herb Fresheners
I don’t know about you, but I like to have my home smell clean and fresh, not disguised by harsh chemical sprays that leave your rooms smelling like mango and papaya. While those are wonderful scents, I do not live in the tropics, so that isn’t natural. Commercial air fresheners are also potentially harmful due to phthalates that they contain.

According to the NRDC’s testing of 14 common air fresheners, including those that say “natural and unscented” 86% contained these chemicals. They also pose health risks such as birth defects, reproductive and hormonal problems. Check the labels if you choose not to make your own as there are more products out that say “does not contain phthalates”.

I believe you should be able to walk into hour house and well, you smell nothing. It is neutral and most of all, non-irritating to the nasal passages. If you want your surroundings to smell sweet, then homemade herbal solutions may be the answer. They are much cheaper than the expensive air fresheners you buy, plus they don’t mask the air with harsh chemicals. Instead, they neutralize unpleasant odors, which is what you want.


Perfumed herbs and flowers have been used as far back as the 12th century. These plants were salted and left to ferment and even rot, which not only perfumed household odors but even helped in the spread of diseases.

A bit prettier to look at than it’s medieval counterpart is Rose and Lavender Potpourri.


1 Cup each of dried Lavender flowers, rose geranium leaves, rosebuds

2 tablespoons each of crushed cloves and orris root powder

1 tablespoon of lightly crushed allspice

6 – 10 drops of essential lavender oil

½ teaspoon of essential rose geranium oil

1 orange – take the peel and cut into thin strips, then dry before adding this to the rest.

Combine all the ingredients, mixing well. It is best to put this mixture into a sealed container (glass works best) for a few weeks to let the fragrances mingle.

When the potpourri is ready, find a pretty bowl and sprinkle some of the mixture into it. Sit gently every now and then to release the scent. You can also fill sachets with this and hang on door handles, put sachets under cushions or in closets, where odors get trapped.

Clay pots are porous and can be filled with essential oils and herbs, then place in a sunny place where the heat will cause the oils to evaporate slowly during the day. Try dabbing your favorite essential oil on a light bulb or wiping on a heater during the cold winter months.

Air Freshener Spray

8 drops of essential clove oil

6 ounces of distilled water

5 drops of essential lemon oil

¼ teaspoon essential bergamot oil

1.5 ounces of vodka

Combine the above ingredients in a spray bottle and shake well. Then add the distilled water and shake again to thoroughly mix. After a few days, lightly use this spray to mist around your home. Not only does it smell delicious, but it is safe for your pets and children too.

Over 1.7 Billion dollars is spent by Americans wanting fresh smelling air. I say we keep some of that money in our pockets, by going “green” it will help us and our environment in the long run.

Check out these great herbal sprays!

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