Gaining Perspective Of Thoughts

Gaining Perspective Of Thoughts
It can be difficult to gain perspective on life and what is actually happening. When we are caught up in a situation, we are so close to it that we can’t actually see it fully.

We need to step back to gain perspective, and to talk to other people who can see much clearer what is happening for us because they are not so attached to the outcome like we are. Other people are better placed to have a different opinion than the one we are stuck in. How often have you looked into someone’s life and known what they needed to do because you had a different perspective of their situation?

It seems odd that we can’t see whats going on for ourselves, however it is a recognised phenomenon. It’s the same with our thought process’s, we go over and over the same scenario, or information available and keep coming up with the same result. We find it difficult to see alternatives.

Once we let go of the thinking and over analysing, we are more likely to gain inspiration, answers or see new options. Space clears in the mind that allows for new insights.

When you are caught in the stress of being unable to see clearly, or experiencing heightened anxiety, here are some tips to help you through:

Bring yourself into balance through your breath. Take some deep conscious breaths and let the tension subside

* Bring your awareness into the present moment and really connect with what is actually going on where you are. Are you at home alone, or in a stressful situation? Is there an emergency to attend to or just the seeming emergency in your head?

* Start to ask yourself what is really going on, and take stock of the reality of the present moment you are in, and the thoughts in your head

* Notice how you are thrown off balance by the thoughts you are thinking

* Once you know that you are safe in this moment, ask yourself what can I do now to change the intensity of this moment

* Write down pro’s and con’s of your current challenge to help gain clarity

* Challenge if your thoughts are rational and reasonable. If not, try to make sense of them by writing things down or talking them out so they are out of your head

Once you have calmed the intensity of the thoughts and overwhelm, it is easier to deal with the associated emotions, Using the breath is a great way to gauge your emotional state and stress levels. Plus mindfulness practices that help to keep you in the present moment are valuable tools to call on when in times of stress.

Thoughts are just thoughts, and they can only have power over us if we give power to them by being affected by them. Easier said than done; because our thoughts have associated emotions and sensations attached to them making it more difficult to be detached from them. That’s why it is important to be prepared and vigilant when things get too much, so I hope the above tips help you to reduce the trauma the next time you are caught in indecision and confusion.

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