Mindfulness To Help Change Thought Patterns

Mindfulness To Help Change Thought Patterns
Does it sometimes feel like life is conspiring against you? Have you had the experience of one feeling that one thing after another is lining up to test you?It is not uncommon, however you can choose what meaning to give the events; positive or negative. You can either see life as helping you or as being against you.

When you are stressed and worried about life, you are taken out of the present moment and into a projected future. That future event doesn’t exist yet, so all you are dealing with is a thought or fear that it might happen. Its impossible to deal with a future event, you can only deal with what’s in front of you.

Mindfulness practices are perfect to keep you in the present. Present moment awareness helps you to manage yourself and your emotions, deal with what is in front of you, and to reduce negative thought patterns. When you are fully absorbed in the present, there is no space for anything else.

It is only possible to be in control of how you feel and how you react to your circumstances. When you get tangled up with negative thinking, and have no present moment awareness; you are more likely to react to others around you because the ability to step back is removed.

Many people live in reaction to life rather than in response to it. Through mindfulness it is possible to find peace and integrate your mind, actions and reactions.

When you embrace new ways of being, a new way of living will emerge. When you bring mindfulness and meditation into your life it is possible that you can become more aware of the thoughts that you have which are contributing to the life that you are living. Otherwise it is natural to keep repeating old patterns and habits which, without realising are continually creating the same experiences.

It may be challenging to look at life and believe that you had anything to do with the circumstance you are facing; however, when you resist accepting that you have a part to play, you prevent conscious change from happening; and continue to feel at the effect in your life.

Knowing and accepting yourself is probably the hardest thing to do, Though once you have, you can live freely and authentically, because you have accepted who and what you are unconditionally. It then doesn’t matter what another may think of you; others will only judge out of fear of being exposed themselves. 

Your thoughts are happening faster than you realise, with many of them being unconscious. Most of the time you are not aware that your thinking is perpetuating a negative pattern in our life, and left unchecked will continue to keep bringing the same experiences.

To bring mindfulness into your day, perhaps try the following:

Take time to sit quietly and notice your breath
Start to take note of the thoughts in your head

Write them down and challenge them :

Why am I thinking this thought?
Does it make me feel good to think in this way?
What could I think instead?

The more you take time to question and notice your thoughts the quicker you will become aware of how they are affecting you, and are then empowered to make new choices.

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