Finally Letting Go of Anorexia : How Hypnotherapy worked for me

Finally Letting Go of Anorexia : How Hypnotherapy worked for me
A Continuation of: I Was Starving to Death
By Debra Mittler, Certified Hypnotherapist

During the healing process from anorexia and use of hypnotherapy, I also received some regression sessions from Shelley Stockwell-Nicholas PhD that helped me cut ties from my dad’s negative programming that was still running in my memory. With the loving guidance of Shelley, self-hypnosis, visualization, positive affirmations and my spiritual practices daily, I was slowly letting go of the anorexia.

I worked hard everyday reprogramming my mental computer, changing the destructive limiting beliefs that were destroying me, to beliefs and concepts that benefited me and helped me to achieve my goal of health, peace and love. I was guiding and directing my thoughts in a completely new way. Saying positive affirmations, being grateful for all that I have, and focusing on abundance instead of scarcity.

They say when the student is ready the teacher will appear, and I was ready. I developed a great relationship with god. I was now open and willing to receive help. My relationship with god was getting stronger and stronger everyday. God is my source of supply, and god is love, who is in me and guiding me to what I need to do to get well.

I had many teachers help me along the way. Some whom I never met, but through their books and tapes, I learned new rewarding ways of thinking and living and was able to apply it to my life. I was starting to get better physically, emotionally and spiritually. Dr. Shelley Stockwell, Dr. Wayne Dyer, Louise Hay, Terry Cole-Whittaker, Rev. Michael Beckwith, Joel Osteen, Abraham and Ester Hick’s have all kept me on my path of health, serenity and peace. I listen to their books on CD every chance I get. I put myself in trance to let it go even deeper in my subconscious. I also read their books and do the exercises suggested.

I‘ve changed my life and have healed myself. I’m learning what I like and don’t like. I surround myself with people who lift me up instead of bring me down. I’m not so focused on food and weight anymore. I put my time and energy in being healthy, happy and at peace. I’m aware of my negative self-talk. When I think or speak in a way that doesn’t benefit me, I immediately change it to a positive affirmation and say it over and over again in my mind canceling out the negativity. I focus my mind on what I want to achieve. I am connected to the love inside myself, I am a bundle of love. I don’t run to escape anymore, instead I stay, look life in the eye and say “lets get busy.”

My thoughts control my reality. I can choose to entertain a thought or change it. I am responsible for everything that happens in my life. Before every meal, I thank god for giving me the food to nourish and feed my body, mind and spirit. In the past whenever I ate, I felt anxious and scared and would immediately have to exercise for hours so I wouldn’t get fat. Now when I eat I feel good. I’m nourishing, feeding and loving myself.

As I take care of myself, I see my life changing in ways I never thought possible. I connect with people in a completely new way. I have more freedom than I could ever imagine. I love and appreciate the beautiful woman god created me to be. I enjoy being still and feeling the
peace and love fill my heart and soul. I don’t judge myself anymore, instead I say “this is happening for a reason and what do I need to learn?”

I am grateful for everything in my life. Every experience I’ve had has made me who I am today. Everything happened exactly the way it was supposed to and continues to do so. There are times when I fall back, but I don’t stay there. I get right back up and do whatever is necessary to keep me moving forward and having peace and love in my life. I get stronger and stronger everyday as I share my love, talents and gifts with every person I come in contact with.

I am now a Certified Hypnotherapist helping others find the strength, love and peace within themselves. We all have it, it just takes clearing away some blockages and limiting beliefs to experience it. I find Hypnosis and visualization to be the most powerful tool in helping you achieve your highest good.

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