Autism, Nutrition and Special Diets

Autism, Nutrition and Special Diets
Some children with autism have been diagnosed with food allergies and digestive disorders, including celiac disease, which is to be expected because it would be at least as common among children with autism as occurs in the general population.

Many families whose children are diagnosed with a food allergy or digestive disorder report positive behavior changes, increases in skills and learning, and improved interest in interacting, when appropriate medical intervention relieves the symptoms or condition. Again, most children who are ill do show an improvement in mood, physical well-being, sociability and readiness to learn, when they receive medical treatment that relieves their symptoms or bring them back to good physical health.

Children with autism spectrum disorders should be followed closely by a competent family physician and whatever specialists are necessary to provide adequate preventive healthcare and to treat any co-existing medical conditions.

Recent interest in the use of certain diets to treat symptoms found in children with autism spectrum disorders includes the gluten free diet necessary for those who have celiac disease, a gluten free and casein free diet, a yeast free diet, the DAN Protocol, Specific Carbohydrate Diet and Body Ecology Diet.

There may be side effects of dietary therapies and interventions that have unforeseen negative outcomes for some children. If families wish to experiment with any of these diets, it is important that the child receives adequate nutrition during the trial, and that the child is followed by a doctor as well as a nutritionist.

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