Cheaters, Liars, Monsters You May Know

Cheaters, Liars,  Monsters You May Know
Do you know a Cheating Monster? It seems there is an Epidemic of Cheating In Progress. Cheating Monsters are men who claim they are in committed relationships until they choose to pretend they’re not and women who think that it’s perfectly acceptable to hit on someone else's boyfriend or husband.

This epidemic knows no class line or culture line. It’s just comprised of a lot of people who think that irresponsible, heartless behavior is somehow acceptable. The symptoms include being delusional and thinking that good conduct and loyal behavior are only options in a relationship. Those stricken hide behind lies and deceit and they want what they want and don’t give a damn how they get it and at whose expense. Tiger Woods and Jesse James are certainly current examples of these infamous people but the average guy at the table in the restaurant sending text messages to every girl in his contact list while his “girlfriend” sits across the table smiling and trying to make interesting conversation is also a perfectly appalling example.

heAteMyHeart Lady GaGa’s song lyrics to Monster hits the descriptive nail on the head – “that boy is a monster, that boy is a monster, he ate my heart, he ate my heart, and then he ate my brain.” First he attacks your heart and then he somehow makes you think it was your fault. I'd call that a serious Matter of the Heart.

Is this an epidemic without a vaccine? Clearly there is reverse evolution occurring in society when people think that this despicable behavior is now somehow acceptable. Have people reached their evolutionary peak? Are they now regressing into a reverse evolutionary mode and behaving like animals without a conscience or brain? What happened to love, concern, good behavior, manners, loyalty, knowing the difference between good and bad, and right and wrong? All people, especially those in relationships, should treat each other with respect and appreciation not with disregard and ignorance. Perhaps the vaccine is for everyone to apply the age old advice of do unto others as you would have them do unto you. In other words don't do to someone else that which you would not like someone else to do to you. DON'T DO HURTFUL HEARTLESS THINGS TO OTHER PEOPLE.

There are women who set their sights on men even though they are aware that a man is in a committed relationship. They don’t care who they hurt or how many lies they tell to get him. For lack of a better descriptive term, they are nasty little man stealers. They will do or say whatever they think will get them the guy they want. They push their way into someone else's relationship while acting innocent and they often even manage to somehow make themselves seem like the victims moaning about how many times they’ve been hurt. Even if they’ve been hurt, it doesn’t justify them hurting someone else. They sometimes even disguise themselves as friends to get to talk to your guy. These women are devious pariahs and they cannot be trusted.

mothThere are men who think nothing of cheating with several women at one time while they are professing their love to the girl who tops their list. They are completely immoral and somehow can justify this by thinking this is all just a big game and that they are entitled to play it because, hey, it's just a guy thing to run wild and free. They text, and text and text while at the same time they use phone blocking tricks and devious lies to hide their serial cheating games. They send iconic kisses, and make promises and profess undying love to every girl they meet who gives them an interested glance. These guys are a useless waste of time and will never be worth the effort anyone puts into being with them.

So call a monster a monster and protect your heart! Let’s be completely realistic about this situation. If your guy can be so easily pulled away from you he lacks a back bone, commitment, and loyalty and any of the characteristics that will make him stay in any relationship long term. For whatever the reason, narcissism, untreated emotional problems, addictions, etc., unfortunately, he’s a player and will in all likelihood always be a player.

IF YOU’RE THE TARGETED GUY and truly are in a fulfilling relationship of choice run as fast as you can from the man stealers and be honest and faithful in your real relationship. You’ll never regret it! But you will regret an act of betrayal if you lose the love of your life forever. These female pariahs lie, cheat and steal. Don't walk away, RUN! Stay away from these female monsters who are a danger to couples in love and only interested in their own self-gratification.

IF YOU’RE ONE OF THESE devious women - Be aware that this type of behavior will eventually come back at you like a boomerang. It can crossover and ruin many phases of your life, even your livelihood. It does not bode well in the professional area of your life to be viewed as an untrustworthy person. You may be surprised how many people will stop your climb up the ladder when they note that you are an insensitive person who has no concern for other people’s feelings, and no sense of right and wrong. Your disregard for the fact that what you want belongs to someone else and your lack of conscience in personal life scenarios can translate in the professional business world as unethical. When you are on your mission to steal you might want to think about the fact that there are other people involved in a relationship besides the couple. They have families and friends who work in the real world and you may not even realize that the person who holds your professional future in their hands might be related to the person you just hurt. It’s a small world after all. You may end up tagged with an invisible ho-bag label that's more visible than you think.

It’s a LOSE - LOSE situation to be a cheater and a liar whether you’re the man or the woman in any of these cheating scenarios. You should change your evil ways before the consequences begin to arrive in your life like a shadow or a ghost that you cannot get away from, because - WHAT GOES AROUND COMES AROUND. IT ALWAYS HAS AND IT ALWAYS WILL!

Best Regards,

Kate Woods
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