Are Our Hormones Making Us Crazy

Are Our Hormones Making Us Crazy
When it comes to our minds there are many factors to consider. The clarity of our thoughts can be affected by many influences. As a woman, I know that my cognitive abilities have been tested on a monthly basis due to hormones being influx.

Having our hormones dictate our behaviour in this way is scary. Many woman experience irrational thought process’s, lack of clarity, and emotions seem to be severely limited during this time. To the extent that life can feel out of control.

Anyone who has experienced PMT will understand. It is not uncommon to find people coping with the above symptoms for up to two weeks of every month. How can we think, and behave rationally when we are ‘not our-self’ during this time?

Woman have reportedly been so severely challenged during this time that they have committed acts that are totally out of character, with some going as far as committing murder. It has been documented that some woman have been found not guilty due to being ‘insane’ at the time because of hormone imbalances.

The mind is complex and we can find our self struggling under normal circumstance to navigate our thought process’s. I wonder if it is possible to ever really function to our full potential? It is no wonder we are susceptible to confirmation bias’, inductive and deductive reasoning and any other means of arriving at the same conclusions we always do.

As someone who meditates and practise mindfulness, these cognitive distortions seem more magnified because I am aware of myself at all times. For someone like me who practices meditation, teaches about our mind and works day to day to help others understand themselves; I still find my thought process’s can be challenged and can feel ‘out of sorts’.

It is not uncommon for some woman to feel that they are ‘losing their mind’ at this time and find it difficult to complete normal tasks. The body is overwhelmed and tired, the mind is erratic and mood swings abound. This does not seem to be considered when we deal with each other, we only see the behaviors and forget that perhaps there is good reason for what we are perceiving in another.

I have found through my work and experience that when woman have taken either herbal remedies such as Agnus Castus, or been prescribed something by their doctor that the change is akin to a miracle for some. Cognitive balance is restored, rational process’s are restored and life seems ‘normal’. Sometimes for the first time in a long time.

While I am not a fan of taking medication, it astounds me that ‘normal’ bodily process’s and functions can affect us so massively that it can seem impossible to function without them. Are we able to function without being medicated in someway? Does medication mask a symptom or provide bridge for an innate chemical imbalance?

I wonder that since we are living in duality, that it is part of natures way for us to experience all aspects of our self through our natural unfolding and biological changes. Should we learn to accept each other more, irrational behaviour and all? Or cover it over with herbs and medication? Perhaps it is best to ask someone who experiences the above on a regular basis.

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