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BellaOnline EditorSupplement wisely
Sheree Welshimer, BellaOnline's Allergies and Colds Editor
Supplements can play a role in allergy treatment but make sure you are getting what you pay for.
BellaOnline EditorThe Simplicity Of Bach Flower Remedies
Victoria Abreo, BellaOnline's Alternative Medicine Editor
Because of the simplicity of Bachs flower remedies they are often over looked as a helpful healing system.
BellaOnline EditorWhat Does an Asthma Attack Feel Like?
Sherry Vacik, BellaOnline's Asthma Editor
Learn what it feels like to have an asthma attack and how to relax and breathe easier during an asthma flare or attack.
BellaOnline EditorSwimming Safety and ADD
Connie Mistler Davidson, BellaOnline's Attention Deficit Disorder Editor
Impulsivity and executive function are hallmarks of Attention Deficit Disorder. What does that mean, and how can it impact swimming safety? What does an expert on swimming safety have to say about drowning? Why should parents know the signs of drowning? How can drowning be prevented?
BellaOnline EditorHandling Emergency situations through Adolescence
Bonnie Sayers, BellaOnline's Autism Spectrum Disorders Editor
Exploring the options for when an emergency crisis arises.
BellaOnline EditorIn Celebration of LGBT Month
Ronnette Ramirez, BellaOnline's Bellydancing Editor
This month our country celebrates our amazing LGBT community. Slowly but surely, this great country is more accepting of men and women whose sexual identity or preference is non traditional. The belly dance world embraces such a diverse group of dancers, including LGBT individuals.
BellaOnline EditorMoney Matters and Breast Cancer
Gail Armanini, BellaOnline's Breast Cancer Editor
A diagnosis of breast cancer can derail even the best financial planning. Regardless of the current state of your finances, there are several steps you can take right now to protect yourself and survive in one piece. Over the coming weeks, we will look at some of the many options available.
BellaOnline EditorConception and IVF
Stacy Wiegman, BellaOnline's Conception Editor

BellaOnline EditorThe benefits of music on our hearing
Felicity Bleckly, BellaOnline's Deafness Editor
The benefits of music are far greater than the simple enjoyment of a beautiful sound. Music stimulates our brains in many ways even if we cant hear it the way we would like.
BellaOnline EditorEmotional Support Animals
Rayna H. Battle, BellaOnline's Depression Editor
Emotional Support Animals are a wonderful way to support your emotional well being. What do you know about ESAs? Read this article to learn more!
BellaOnline EditorSweet Potato Souffle Reciepe
Cindy Kimura, BellaOnline's Diabetes Editor
Want an elegant vegetable for dinner. Serve this sweet potato souffle.
BellaOnline EditorLose Weight by Cycling
Terri Johansen, BellaOnline's Exercise Editor
Biking is good for everyone regardless of age or current fitness level and its an enjoyable way to burn mega calories as well as provide amazing health benefits.
BellaOnline EditorReducing Cell Phone and Computer Radiation
danielle barone, BellaOnline's Family Health Editor
Simple things you can do lessen radiation, feel better and sleep more restfully
BellaOnline EditorMommy Can't, Sweetie
Veronica E. Thomas, BellaOnline's Fibromyalgia and CFS Editor
Having children is a full-time gig. So, too, is having a chronic illness such as Fibroymalgia. Sometimes, its not easy juggling the two.
BellaOnline EditorSurgical Management of Fibroids
Dr. Denise Howard, BellaOnline's Gynecology Editor
Leiomyoma are the most common benign tumor of the female genital tract. They can cause irregular, excessive bleeding, pain, pressure and infertility. Not every woman with fibroids will require treatment but surgery is an option. This article explains the surgical therapies.
BellaOnline EditorSupraventricular Tachycardia (SVT)
Maria Hester, MD, BellaOnline's Heart Disease Editor
Supraventricular tachycardia (SVT) is a rapid heart rate that originates in the upper part of the heart. Unlike coronary artery disease, SVT frequently occurs in young adults.
BellaOnline EditorKidney Stones
Teresa Post, BellaOnline's Holistic Health Editor
Kidney stones can be a scary experience. Get some ideas about prevention and treatment options.
BellaOnline EditorUnexplained Infertility Linked To Low Selenium
Hannah Calef, BellaOnline's Infertility Editor
Unexplained fertility has been linked with low levels of selenium which may trigger a deficiency of a key fertility antioxidant. Are you getting enough?
BellaOnline EditorPeople Don't Change
Dr. Jonice Webb, BellaOnline's Mental Health Editor
I often hear, "People don't change" thrown around as if it's an established truth. But is it? What are the elements of change and how do they work? Can an angry man improve his temper? Can an anxious woman learn to manage her anxiety and take control of it? Here are the Five Elements of Change.
BellaOnline EditorLearn From Miscarriage
Christine Beauchaine, BellaOnline's Miscarriage Editor
As much as miscarriage can be awful, it can teach us things as well.
BellaOnline EditorLike a Flower Grows Volume 3 Launch
Jori Reijonen, Ph.D., BellaOnline's Neuromuscular Diseases Editor
Like a Flower Grows, Volume 3 includes devotions about coping with the neuromuscular disease Charcot Marie Tooth (CMT). I hope to educate readers about this little-know hereditary peripheral neuropathy while sharing my spiritual journey and the connection between scripture and everyday life.
BellaOnline EditorEat a Healthy Rainbow Diet for Youth & Longevity
Moss Greene, BellaOnline's Nutrition Editor
Foods rich in antioxidants are anti-aging foods. And these colorful antioxidants are some of the healthiest foods to eat, offering great antioxidant benefits.
BellaOnline EditorObesity & Fitness
Kymberly Morgan, BellaOnline's Obesity Editor
For those of us who are significantly overweight, exercise can be quite challenging sometimes. Here are some fail-proof ways to get your body moving and your heart rate up!
BellaOnline EditorAnatomy of the Foot
Carla Cano, BellaOnline's Walking Editor
Understanding the anatomy of your feet will help you be conscious of how important they are to your mobility. We take our feet for granted, let's make sure they stay healthy.
BellaOnline EditorWhy Everyone Should Cross Train
Patricia Mitchell, BellaOnline's Weight Loss Editor
Cross training is a great way to improve overall fitness and performance. If you do repetitive activities over an extended period of time, you have an increased risk of developing an overuse injury.
BellaOnline EditorMaking A Natural Sunscreen
Leah R. Patterson, BellaOnline's Wellness Editor
Is it possible to make an all-natural sunscreen? Yes it is and this article, I give you some tips on how to do so.
BellaOnline EditorDoes Yoga Burn Fat
Terri Johansen, BellaOnline's Yoga Editor
Yoga has been added to the many fitness crazes, finding classes in gyms and studios as well as many other places. The question being asked by "fitness" yoga students is, Does yoga burn fat? This is not a simple question and here are facts on yoga, fat loss, and calories burn.


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The Simple Heart Cure
This dynamic book is chock-full of useful and practical tips that will help ward off a leading killer. The layout is easy to understand, the flow simple, and the information it contains is invaluable.


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Here is where you will find reviews on toys, books for children and adults, videos, software and various gluten-free and gfcf diet products.


Educational Autism Tips for Families
This is a resource for families entering the school system with a recent autism diagnosis.



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