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BellaOnline EditorFast food review
Sheree Welshimer, BellaOnline's Allergies and Colds Editor
Paleo Meals to Go provides freeze-dried meals, free of most allergens, additives
BellaOnline EditorThe Simplicity Of Bach Flower Remedies
Victoria Abreo, BellaOnline's Alternative Medicine Editor
Because of the simplicity of Bach’s flower remedies they are often over looked as a helpful healing system.
BellaOnline EditorEV-D68 and Asthma
Sherry Vacik, BellaOnline's Asthma Editor
What is EV-D68? How is it spread? What signs should you watch for? Read on to learn about the virus and how you can cut down the risk of infection!
BellaOnline EditorFree E-Book for Building School Success
Connie Mistler Davidson, BellaOnline's Attention Deficit Disorder Editor
Some families of students with ADD know from these first weeks that school is going to be a long, uphill slog until the end of the year. For those students and their families, there is help. The article tells how to get a free download of my book, Building School Success with ADD. It's easy!
BellaOnline EditorHandling Emergency situations through Adolescence
Bonnie Sayers, BellaOnline's Autism Spectrum Disorders Editor
Exploring the options for when an emergency crisis arises.
BellaOnline EditorBelly Dancer Andrus Ramir
Ronnette Ramirez, BellaOnline's Bellydancing Editor
Artists face many challenges that make them stronger and wiser. Their stories in turn inspire future artists/dancers to take that first step into becoming the next generation of amazing performers. Andrus Ramir is known in the belly dance community and he is a true inspiration.
BellaOnline EditorMoney Matters and Breast Cancer
Gail Armanini, BellaOnline's Breast Cancer Editor
A diagnosis of breast cancer can derail even the best financial planning. Regardless of the current state of your finances, there are several steps you can take right now to protect yourself and survive in one piece. Over the coming weeks, we will look at some of the many options available.
BellaOnline EditorEchinacea and conception
Stacy Wiegman, BellaOnline's Conception Editor
Echinacea has long been popular for colds and flu because it may help boost the immune system. It appears to be antiviral and stimulate T-cell production, very useful for a cold. However, it may also inhibit hyaluronidase, and this could factor in to decreasing your odds for conception.
BellaOnline EditorVertigo
Felicity Bleckly, BellaOnline's Deafness Editor
Vertigo is debilitating while having an attack. It is not Meniere’s disease, which has some similar symptoms. Vertigo is not dangerous and usually goes away with rest.
BellaOnline EditorDown Came the Rain Review
Rayna H. Battle, BellaOnline's Depression Editor
In this personal account, actress Brooke Shields fights the stigma attached to postpartum depression by sharing her own experience with it. Read this review of her book and find out more about her harrowing experience!
BellaOnline EditorSweet Potato Souffle Reciepe
Cindy Kimura, BellaOnline's Diabetes Editor
Want an elegant vegetable for dinner. Serve this sweet potato souffle.
BellaOnline EditorEbook Release -Free offer - Exercise Basics
Terri Johansen, BellaOnline's Exercise Editor
Exercise doesn’t always come easy. We don’t know what to do, how to start, or what are the most important guidelines to follow. In my new Ebook, “Exercise Basics” these questions are answered and much more.
BellaOnline EditorRelationships
danielle barone, BellaOnline's Family Health Editor
How does a person and a relationship make you feel?
BellaOnline EditorThe Invisible Side of Fibromyalgia
Veronica E. Thomas, BellaOnline's Fibromyalgia and CFS Editor
We can find a wealth of information about the physical symptoms of fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome,but, where can you turn to find out about the side of fibromyalgia that is not visible to others. the following article will shed light on the personal side of fibromyalgia.
BellaOnline EditorHeart Disease Prevention
Dr. Denise Howard, BellaOnline's Gynecology Editor
Heart disease, the most common cause of death in both men and women in the U.S., can present with as an acute life-threatening problem or subtly with mild symptoms. The good news is: it can be prevented in many cases. Read this article to learn more.
BellaOnline EditorHeart-happy Weight
Maria Hester, MD, BellaOnline's Heart Disease Editor
Being obese or overweight can dramatically increase the risk of cardiovascular disease. Be true to yourself. Examine why you have a weight problem as a means to help you tackle your hurdles.
BellaOnline EditorVisualization For Wellness
Teresa Post, BellaOnline's Holistic Health Editor
Are there things that you want to change in your life? Try visualization for health, wellness, and more.
BellaOnline EditorPrednisone Or Lovenox For Miscarriage Prevention?
Hannah Calef, BellaOnline's Infertility Editor
Short-term prednisone combined with baby aspirin and progesterone has been shown to out-perform Lovenox in women with recurrent miscarriage with no side-effects.
BellaOnline EditorPeople Don't Change
Dr. Jonice Webb, BellaOnline's Mental Health Editor
I often hear, "People don't change" thrown around as if it's an established truth. But is it? What are the elements of change and how do they work? Can an angry man improve his temper? Can an anxious woman learn to manage her anxiety and take control of it? Here are the Five Elements of Change.
BellaOnline EditorMiscarriage Changes Your Worldview
Christine Beauchaine, BellaOnline's Miscarriage Editor
We don't get over a miscarriage. The changes may eventually encourage growth but good or bad, there probably will be changes in the way you see the world
BellaOnline EditorWorldwide Neuromuscular Disease Consortia
Jori Reijonen, Ph.D., BellaOnline's Neuromuscular Diseases Editor
Across the world, individuals are affected by neuromuscular disease. In this article, you will find a list of website addresses for international directories, consortia, networks, and groups that serve the worldwide neuromuscular disease community internationally.
BellaOnline EditorFoods that Constipate & Relieve Constipation
Moss Greene, BellaOnline's Nutrition Editor
Since there are foods that cause constipation and healthy foods that help to relieve constipation, “constipation foods” can be either bad or good for you.
BellaOnline EditorObesity and Eating Clean
Kymberly Morgan, BellaOnline's Obesity Editor
Clean eating is a great way to get your health and weight back on track. Learn the definition of 'Eating Clean' and how it applies to your weightloss success, as well as how it plays a major roll in your long-term weightloss maintenance.
BellaOnline EditorAnatomy of the Foot
Carla Cano, BellaOnline's Walking Editor
Understanding the anatomy of your feet will help you be conscious of how important they are to your mobility. We take our feet for granted, let's make sure they stay healthy.
BellaOnline EditorWhy Everyone Should Cross Train
Patricia Mitchell, BellaOnline's Weight Loss Editor
Cross training is a great way to improve overall fitness and performance. If you do repetitive activities over an extended period of time, you have an increased risk of developing an overuse injury.
BellaOnline EditorRed Raspberry for PMS even with Fibroids
Leah R. Patterson, BellaOnline's Wellness Editor
Red Raspberry works great for menstrual symptoms and PMS, even if you've had/have fibroids. If you haven't tried it, read on to find out more about how it works.
BellaOnline EditorBeginning Yoga Students Start Here
Terri Johansen, BellaOnline's Yoga Editor
The wonderful thing about yoga is that everyone starts in their own place, within their own ability. In a typical yoga class you will see students of varying ages, levels of ability, and stages of development. Learn what to expect from your new yoga class and how to make the most of it.


 E D I T O R   R E C O M M E N D E D 


The Simple Heart Cure
This dynamic book is chock-full of useful and practical tips that will help ward off a leading killer. The layout is easy to understand, the flow simple, and the information it contains is invaluable.


Autism Spectrum Disorders Shop
Here is where you will find reviews on toys, books for children and adults, videos, software and various gluten-free and gfcf diet products.


Educational Autism Tips for Families
This is a resource for families entering the school system with a recent autism diagnosis.



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Worldwide Neuromuscular Disease Consortia


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