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Health and Fitness Features

BellaOnline EditorFODMAPs diet
Sheree Welshimer, BellaOnline's Allergies and Colds Editor
Diet may offer help for food intolerances
BellaOnline EditorHerbal Supplements - How To Pick The Right One
Victoria Abreo, BellaOnline's Alternative Medicine Editor
Label-reading tips to ensure safe and effective herbal supplement use.
BellaOnline EditorCOPD and Asthma
Sherry Vacik, BellaOnline's Asthma Editor
Did you know it's possible to have both asthma and COPD? Read on to learn the facts about ACOS and how it's treated.
BellaOnline EditorSugar Intake Impacts Attention and Hyperactivity
Connie Mistler Davidson, BellaOnline's Attention Deficit Disorder Editor
A recent study highlighted the importance of limiting sugar intake to improve children's attention and reduce hyperactive behaviors. Focus was on students' consumption of energy drinks which contain sugar and often caffeine. There are implications for children with Attention Deficit Disorder.
BellaOnline EditorHandling Emergency situations through Adolescence
Bonnie Sayers, BellaOnline's Autism Spectrum Disorders Editor
Exploring the options for when an emergency crisis arises.
BellaOnline EditorCreating Dance Opportunities
Ronnette Ramirez, BellaOnline's Bellydancing Editor
Recently, there was concern about the lack of dance opportunities for students and beginners. In a large city, there is no excuse, but little is known, even in a large city, about what venues will host beginner dance events. The solution is of course, to create dance opportunities.
BellaOnline EditorMoney Matters and Breast Cancer
Gail Armanini, BellaOnline's Breast Cancer Editor
A diagnosis of breast cancer can derail even the best financial planning. Regardless of the current state of your finances, there are several steps you can take right now to protect yourself and survive in one piece. Over the coming weeks, we will look at some of the many options available.
BellaOnline EditorPesticides and conception
Stacy Wiegman, BellaOnline's Conception Editor
Pesticides are bad for humans in so many ways, one of which is fertility. This is true for both men and women.
BellaOnline EditorHearing Television
Felicity Bleckly, BellaOnline's Deafness Editor
Television is without doubt, one of our primary leisure activities. But to do this it assumes we have access to the audio content and for those of us who are deaf, hard of hearing or need hearing aids or cochlear implants this can sometimes be challenging.
BellaOnline EditorImportant Mental Health Dates
Rayna H. Battle, BellaOnline's Depression Editor
There are several important dates on the 2015 calendar, including times that focus on increasing awareness, other physical health concerns, walks, national conferences and more. This article focuses on January - March 2015.
BellaOnline EditorSlimmed Down Green Bean Casserole recipe
Cindy Kimura, BellaOnline's Diabetes Editor
Everyone loves the famous green bean casserole for the holidays. Here is a more healthy version courtesy of the Food Network
BellaOnline EditorYoga and Pilates-Week 5 Exercise Tune Up
Terri Johansen, BellaOnline's Exercise Editor
For week five I introduce a couple of the softer types of exercise. However after you have tried them you can tell how effective they really are in overall fitness. Both yoga and Pilates can be soothing, calming, and tough.
BellaOnline EditorRelationships
danielle barone, BellaOnline's Family Health Editor
How does a person and a relationship make you feel?
BellaOnline EditorWhat Causes FMS?
Veronica E. Thomas, BellaOnline's Fibromyalgia and CFS Editor
There is no clear-cut answer as to what causes Fibromyalgia. Read this article to find out some possible causes.
BellaOnline EditorMedical Management of Obesity
Dr. Denise Howard, BellaOnline's Gynecology Editor
Obesity leads to many serious medical problems and premature death but can be reversed. Diet, regular exercise and behavior modifications are effective in select groups but for those with obesity other interventions maybe required. This article will review the medical treatments.
BellaOnline EditorPurple Sweet Potato Casserole Recipe
Maria Hester, MD, BellaOnline's Heart Disease Editor
This intriguing dish is power-packed itch nutrients and is bursting with flavor. Purple, yes, but very yummy.
BellaOnline EditorHolistic Health Practitioners
Teresa Post, BellaOnline's Holistic Health Editor
What is a Holistic Health Practitioner? Read this article and find out.
BellaOnline EditorPycnogenol / Pine Bark And Metabolic Syndrome
Hannah Calef, BellaOnline's Infertility Editor
Many women with PCOS also have metabolic syndrome - alterations in glucose, insulin, lipids, BMI and blood pressure - pine bark extract / Pycnogenol may be able to help.
BellaOnline EditorPeople Don't Change
Dr. Jonice Webb, BellaOnline's Mental Health Editor
I often hear, "People don't change" thrown around as if it's an established truth. But is it? What are the elements of change and how do they work? Can an angry man improve his temper? Can an anxious woman learn to manage her anxiety and take control of it? Here are the Five Elements of Change.
BellaOnline EditorJessica Zucker & Talking About Miscarriage
Christine Beauchaine, BellaOnline's Miscarriage Editor
Review of Jessica Zucker's article about talking about miscarriage.
BellaOnline EditorWhat is a Rare Disease?
Jori Reijonen, Ph.D., BellaOnline's Neuromuscular Diseases Editor
Neuromuscular diseases are considered to be rare diseases. What qualifies the various neuromuscular diseases to be considered as rare?
BellaOnline EditorWhy is Exercise Important? Benefits of Exercise
Moss Greene, BellaOnline's Nutrition Editor
The top 10 health benefits of exercise are extraordinary. Especially when you consider that you can get these great exercise benefits practically for free!
BellaOnline EditorObesity & New Years Resolutions
Kymberly Morgan, BellaOnline's Obesity Editor
Create a better, healthier, brighter 2015 for yourself! Make a commitment this new year for a new and improved you! These simple habits will help banish obesity from your life, while helping you create new and attainable goals for a healthy lifestyle.
BellaOnline EditorThree Herbs for Cold and Flu Season
Leah R. Patterson, BellaOnline's Wellness Editor
Instead of reaching for an OTC this cold season, try one of these herbal remedies!
BellaOnline EditorMost Popular Styles of Yoga
Terri Johansen, BellaOnline's Yoga Editor
There are many styles of yoga to choose from. The most important thing is to pick a style that suits you, physically and mentally. Here are some of the most popular styles of yoga to try out.


 E D I T O R   R E C O M M E N D E D 


Educational Autism Tips for Families
This is a resource for families entering the school system with a recent autism diagnosis.


Autism Spectrum Disorders Shop
Here is where you will find reviews on toys, books for children and adults, videos, software and various gluten-free and gfcf diet products.


Building School Success with ADD
Finally, there is help for kids with ADD who hate school. This small book is filled with practical tips to make school life better for students with ADD! Use this book to make a positive start this year. Building School Success with ADD can make a difference.



COPD and Asthma

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