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12-Sided Calendar Base SVG Design star
In this tutorial, we will create an SVG cut design for the Silhouette cutting machine. This design will be for a base for a 12-sided dodecahedron calendar, which I designed last year. I decided to make this year's base a 5-sided base with an indented hexagon center that will hold the calendar.

Berry Basket SVG Cut File - Planning star
As a member of the Creative Crew at Canvas Corp Brands, one of the projects for this month was to design something with a recipe theme. As with most projects, I start by designing the SVG cut files for the Silhouette Cameo. I decided to create a berry basket SVG cut file.

Berry Basket SVG Cut File in Illustrator CS6 star
In the last article, we covered the planning stage of the recipe berry basket SVG cut file project. We discussed what paper would be used for the project and the specifications for the SVG cut file. Now let's open Illustrator and create the SVG cut file.

Cut Files for Silhouette in Illustrator CS6 - Tags star
A popular craft project is the tag, because of its small size. As a digital designer for the craft industry, you need a basic tag cut file to use as a starting point for many projects. You will want to draw the basic shapes for the tag and hole reinforcer, which can be used as a design element.

Design a Paper Bead SVG Cut File star
Paper jewelry is a very popular craft. Just look on Pinterest to see some of the beautiful hand made jewelry. I wanted to include some paper beads in my August altered art project for the Robin’s Nest Design Team. Of course, that lead to an SVG cut file for making paper beads.

Design a Sphere Ornament SVG Cut File star
In this tutorial, we will design an SVG cut file for a five-sided spherical ornament, which contains only two cut lines. This type of ornament is frequently made in to a Christmas ornament. But, it can be used for many other projects.

Designing a Montage Layout SVG Cut File star
A very popular type of paper craft is a collage or montage, usually containing photographs. I decided to try creating an SVG cut file for the Silhouette Cameo containing a group of cut lines for a rectangular montage.

Designing a Paper Rose SVG Cut File star
Paper roses are very popular and there are many dies for making them. I wanted to design my own SVG cut file for the Silhouette. So I started researching and experimenting. Here is the process I used to design the cut file.

Designing Wedding Stationary star
Digital art has become a very important part of wedding stationary. With many graphics programs, the bride can create a personal wedding stationary without the need of a professional printer. There are many pieces to wedding stationary from the traditional wedding invitation to a wedding website.

Digital Scrapbooking Papers star
Most digital scrapbooking papers are sold in a package of 12 300 dpi jpeg image files in coordinating designs. When designing these papers, you need to take into account what is popular at the time as well as add your own style.

Dodecahedron Calendar SVG Cut Design star
This month at Canvas Corp Brands design team headquarters, we were given an assignment to design a project that would compliment an existing product line. It could be any product line from a toy company to home furnishings.

Finish the Berry Basket SVG Cut File star
We will continue to work on the SVG cut file design for the berry basket project. If you haven't already, open the .ai file into Illustrator.

Honeycomb Xmas Ornament SVG Cut Design star
The honeycomb style Christmas ornament makes a great paper craft and the cut file for an ornament is easy to design. In this tutorial, we will create an SVG cut file for the Silhouette Cameo that will make a 2.5 inches high paper ornament.

Index Card Carrier SVG Cut File - Final star
In the previous tutorial, we discussed the specifications for an Index Card Carrier project. We created a 2D mockup. Now we can begin refining our SVG cut file for the Silhouette.

Index Card Carrier SVG Cut File - The Specs star
I love the 5 x 8 inch index card, as it is the perfect size for jotting down notes, making lists and organizing my plans. I've always wanted a thin box or carrier for a few index cards that I might need to grab and take on the go. This tutorial will discuss how to design an index card carrier.

Marketing Your Scrapbooking Business star
You’ve created a beautiful line of scrapbooking products but now how do you get the word out and the customers to show up at your virtual door. Methods for web marketing change almost as fast as the web but there are a few time-proven methods and a few new ones.

Nautical Themed Box Wedding Stationary Design star
As a designer, you will frequently be asked to create a new product design to coordinate with or extend an existing product line.

Nautical Wedding Stationary Design star
In the last article, we discussed the specifications for a wedding stationary design. Now we will discuss the designs for the individual cards, wrapper and box in detail.

Offset Path in Illustrator CS6 star
The Offset Path command or effect feature in Illustrator is very versatile. When it comes to adding fold over tabs to SVG cutting files for electronic cutting machines, it’s a time saver.

Paper Bead SVG Cut Files star
In this Illustrator tutorial, we will continue making an SVG cut file for paper beads. In the previous tutorial, we created a tube and oval bead. Now we will create a cone and hour glass shaped bead.

Paper Craft Card Design Envelope Sizes star
The greeting card and craft industries have changed much over the last decade but the standard sizes of envelopes have remained constant. When beginning a new greeting card design for the Silhouette CAMEO, first determine the card size so that it fits inside a standard sized envelope.

Planning a Wedding Suite Design star
What do you need to include in your wedding suite design. Which pieces are standard and which are optional. This tutorial is an overview of each piece in the wedding suite. Of course, there are no rules but this can be a starting point for planning your SVG cut file design for a wedding suite.

Pocket Wedding Invitation SVG Cut File star
In this tutorial, we will create an SVG cut file for a pocket wedding invitation. The pocket style is very popular for weddings. What pieces will we need to design?

Santos Cage Doll SVG Cut File - First Steps star
Now that I am on the altered art design team for The Robin’s Nest company, ideas for SVG cut file projects have been swimming around in my head. One altered art project that seems to be very popular is the altered Santos type cage doll. So I decided to create my own SVG cut file.

Saving SVG Files in Illustrator CS6 for Silhouette star
Many Silhouette users like to create their own SVG files for their own projects. So here are the basics steps for creating an SVG cut file in Adobe Illustrator for the Silhouette cutting machines.

Scalloped Circle and Illustrator CS6 Shape Builder star
One thing about Illustrator is that you can easily create a path for just about any shape. In this tutorial, we will learn how to create a 2.5 inches scalloped circle in Illustrator that will become an SVG cutting design for the Silhouette cutting machine.

Silhouette America Online Store star
One of the nicest features of the Silhouette cutting machine is the in-program Silhouette America online store, which you can use to download cutting files directly to the Silhouette Studio (and SSDE) software. Let’s go shopping.

Simple 5 x 5 Box With Lid SVG Cut File star
Sometimes, you need a simple box, which can be turned into just about anything, as the foundation of your project. In this tutorial, we will create an Illustrator SVG cut file for a 5 x 5 inch box.

SVG Cut File Design of Top Hat star
But the first step was to create the SVG cut file for the top hat. I took the basic measurements of a candle that was about the right size for a mini top hat. That give me the a starting circumference, about 11.8 inches, for the top of the hat.

Witch Hat - Final Cut Lines star
Now that we have built our template for a witch hat, we can create the final SVG cut lines for our Silhouette SVG cut file project.

Witch Hat - Hat Top SVG Cut Line star
In this tutorial we will continue to work on our SVG cut file for a witch hat candy container. We have already drawn the cut lines for the brim of the hat and a triangle that we will use to build the top of the five sided hat.

Witch Hat Candy Container SVG Cut File star
Candy containers made in the shape of pumpkins, cats and witch hats have been popular Halloween collectibles for over 100 years. Let's make our own collectible candy container. We will build a Silhouette svg cut file for a witch hat that functions as a candy container.

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