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Mockingjay ~ A Book Review
Against all odds, Katniss Everdeen has survived the Hunger Games twice. But now that she’s made it out of the bloody arena alive, she’s still not safe. The Capitol is angry.

Best of Covered Wagon Women ~ A Book Review
Eight firsthand accounts of women who braved the overland trails during the great 19th-century westward migration are collected here. The accounts were selected for the power with which they portray the hardship, adventure, and family and friendship bonds that characterized the overland experience.

Rick Springfield ~ Late, Late at Night
Late, Late at Night is a memoir by Rick Springfield in which he authored himself. He is a Grammy Award-winning pop icon that pulls back the curtain on his image as a bright, shiny, happy performer to share the startling story of his rise and fall and rise in music, film, and television and his life

Quiet Time Journal
What is a quiet time journal?

Third Person Expanded
Let’s review. First person POV is a story told from one point of view. You will hear me, me, mine, our, we, we and pronouns like these. Third person POV is a story told by someone looking on. You will hear him, she, it, them, him, her, its, and pronouns like these. Now let’s expand.

What's Your Writing 'Voice?'
Once a writer has understood audience, purpose and point of view the writing style or voice comes into play. Many believe that a writers’ personality should come out in their writing.

First & Third Person Writing Lesson
Let’s examine first and third person writing. Editors tend to gravitate toward books written in one or the other and their preferences change over time so it is a good idea to understand both voices.

Audience & Purpose in Your Journaling
No audience = Lack of purpose ~ Lack of purpose = No focus. No focus = An audience of one.

First, Second or Third Person?
What are the writing styles of first person, second person or third person? How can you stretch yourself in your writing?

Oct 1-15 'FUN' Journaling Prompts
Here are your October 1-15 'FUN' Journaling Prompts

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