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Developmental Delay
Developmental delay during early years can lead to learning disabilities. All children develop and learn differently. Mental and physical development will improve over time for most children. Some delays of significance may be indicators of developing learning disabilities.

Risk Factors Associated with Learning Disabilities
Certain risk factors are associated with learning disabilities. Although they do not guarantee the diagnosis of a learning disability, they increase the chances. Family history, along with events during pregnancy plays a large role in developing learning disabilities.

Relevant and Attainable Goals
Goal setting is needed to accomplish goals. The most important questions that would be relevant to this task are concerning relevancy and attainability. Are my goals relevant? Are my goals attainable?

The Necessary Life Skill of Budgeting
Budgeting can be a confusing concept for people with learning disabilities. It is a necessary life skill that everyone should have. Financial goals are just as important as career goals in many ways.

Corporal Punishment in the School
The first day of school is an exciting time for most children. A new teacher, new friends, and an opportunity to learn are expected. Spanking, pinching or paddling is not thought to be an option.

Developing Thinking Abilities
Questions can increase thinking much faster than statements. Questions make the dendrites in our brain connect. Questions beginning with how, why, when, or where can get minds thinking. Most kids enjoy making things because they are naturally curious. Is it possible to learn to think?

Tips for Kids with Nonverbal Learning Disabilities
Social skills are affected by Nonverbal Learning Disabilities. When most people think of “nonverbal” they think of lack of communication. Children with nonverbal disabilities can be totally opposite.

Helping Kids Reach Their Goals
Goal setting can be a challenge in itself for children with learning disabilities. The ability to plan ahead along with distractions can become discouraging. There are ways to help children, as well as adults with learning disabilities set achievable goals.

Achieving Math Success
A negative attitude towards math can affect performance. Many students with learning disabilities have experienced math failures. As a result, insecurities about math develop. The level of effort given toward math depends on feelings developed about experiences.

Finding Answers to Tough Questions
Adulthood can mean lots of challenges, including making responsible decisions. Things like transportation, car insurance, job hunting, and bill paying can add lots of stress. The stress level can decrease dramatically if independent living is well planned.

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