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Brittle Asthma Facts
Brittle asthma is one of the most complex and severe forms of asthma. Read on to learn the facts about brittle asthma, medications used and the important of asthma management for brittle asthma patients.

The Effects of Menopause on Asthma
Fluctuating hormones not only cause the typical symptoms of menopause, but can make your asthma worse, or cause you to develop asthma for the first time in your life! Read on to learn about menopause’s effect on asthma and what you can do to keep your asthma stable at this time of life.

Interferon Beta as an Asthma Treatment
Could interferon beta be a useful antiviral treatment for asthmatics who have colds? Learn how the immune system uses interferons and the results of the Southampton study of interferon beta and asthma.

Get Ready for Fall Allergies and Asthma
Fall allergies and asthma can make you miserable. Learn what steps you can take to help yourself and your kids feel better and enjoy the fall season!

Mold Exposure Raises Risk of Asthma for Infants
Studies have shown that infants exposed to mold may go on to develop asthma in their childhood years. Read on to find out how to prevent mold exposure for your baby and family.

Multiple Chemical Sensitivity and Asthma
Multiple chemical sensitivity and asthma often go hand-in-hand. Learn about MCS and what you can do to lower the amount of chemicals you’re exposed to every day.

The Effects of Stress on Asthma
We all experience stress in our daily lives, but did you know stress can be dangerous for asthmatics? Learn how stress affects asthma and what you can do to manage stress and asthma!

High Altitude and Asthma
Are you considering a trip to a destination at higher altitudes than where you live? Higher altitudes can effect asthma. Learn what conditions are different at high altitudes and how to prepare and stay safe on your high altitude trek.

Common Asthma Triggers
Asthma triggers don't cause asthma, however they can make asthma symptoms worse. Learn about common asthma triggers and what you can do to keep your asthma under control.

Everyday Life with Asthma
An asthma diagnosis can be frightening or unnerving. Learn how to cope and have the best life possible, in spite of asthma!

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