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Seven Tips for Asthma Management
Follow these seven tips for better asthma control and higher quality of life in spite of asthma!

Apples and Pears for Asthma
Researchers have found that apples and pears are very healthy for us, and their antioxidant properties can even help with asthma! Read on to find out how apples and pears help asthma.

Asthma Severity Classifications
What does it mean if your asthma is diagnosed as mild intermittent? Read on for an explanation of the four asthma severity classifications, their typical symptoms and treatment.

Safety of Long-Acting Bronchodilators
In recent years, there has been some controversy over the use of long-acting bronchodilators due to issues of health and safety. Read more to find the FDAs recommendation on who should use these asthma medications, and when they should be used.

Asthma and Cockroach Allergies
Allergies to cockroaches can be a major contributor to asthma trouble. Roaches live everywhere, and can even be in your home! Find out how to deal with this common asthma trigger.

Exercise-Induced Asthma
Do you have asthma trouble when you exercise? You may have exercise induced asthma. Read more to find out what you can do in order to have an active lifestyle!

Control Asthma to Save Money
A recent study has shown that poorly managed asthma costs money and quality of life. Find out how you can control your and your child's asthma to have the best life possible!

EMF Exposure and Asthma
Electromagnetic fields are all around us. Scientists have found a possible tie between maternal EMF exposure and increased levels of childhood asthma. Here are 5 simple steps you can take to protect you and your family from EMF exposure.

Swimming Pools and Asthma
Swimming is an excellent form of exercise for all ages, but might be a source for asthma trouble. Read on to find some simple solutions that will help you and your family to stay healthy and have fun in the water!

Asthma Camps
Asthma camps can provide your child with knowledge about their asthma while in a safe and fun environment. Learn how you and your child can benefit from asthma camps!

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