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Bad Alphabet - Book Review
Lance the Lizard shows his bad behaviors - by watching what he does we can learn what not to do to make friends.

Crazy Town Upside Down - Book Review
The book is bright and vibrant; it made me want to read it so someone. My grand-kids weren’t here so I borrowed the neighbor kids.

Jack and Annie
Meet Jack and Annie as they go on Magic Tree House mystery adventures. What are the Merlin Missions Titles?

American Girl - Magazine Review
A magazine for girls with a positive message.

The Wildlife Adventure Creativity Book - Review
A sticker, stencil activity book to help your child learn about wildlife through creativity.Start this wildlife adventure book and work through page by page or work on any pages that pique your interest. With over 150 reusable stickers!

The Gold Coin - Book Review
Can kindness change a thief? Juan had been a thief for many years. He was pale and sickly because he did all his thieving at night.

The Ghost of Windy Hill – Book Review
An ordinary family, but one that doesn’t believe in ghosts and aren’t afraid to go live in a house that is reportedly haunted. In fact, they have done it several times.

American Girls - Meet the American Girls
Meet the American Girls: Kaya 1764, Caroline 1812, Josefina 1924, Marie-Grace and Cécile 1853, Addy 1864, Rebecca 1864, Kit & Ruthie 1934, Molly & Emily 1944, Julie and Ivy 1974 - historical young women!

The Poky Little Puppy – Book Review
Join the five little puppies that dug a hole under the fence and escape out into the wide, wide world.

Food in the Library?
Library time is much more that just checking out a book - it has become more interactive. It's time to sample some yummy foods.

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