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Ornamental Tree Choices
A wide variety of trees can be successfully grown in containers, not just the dwarf varieties that normally come to mind. So don't hold back! Here are some tips on how to choose a tree for your container garden.

Choosing Pots - Clay and Ceramic Pots
Ceramic and terra cotta clay pots are an excellent choice for container plantings and can add great beauty to your container garden. Here are some tips for using and ideas for decorating with ceramic and clay containers.

DIY Wooden Planter Box
Easy to follow instructions for making your own wooden planter box for your container garden.

Strawberries - which one?
There are hundreds of varieties of strawberries adapted to a wide range of climates, and three main types based on when the plants bear fruit. Here is a summary of strawberry types with a list of some of the best varieties.

Plant a Strawberry Tower
Strawberries grow very well in containers: they have shallow roots, are very adaptable, relatively hardy, and they look good, too! All that plus being able to harvest your very own ripe strawberries wherever you live makes them the ideal container plant.

Fertilizers and Compost Tea
Because your plants have limited space for their roots to collect nutrients, they need extra care when it comes to feeding and disease prevention. Here is a recipe for an excellent liquid brew which you can use for amazing results!

Natural Insecticide Recipes
Recipes for insect and disease sprays you can make at home with common ingredients. Simple and inexpensive, yet very effective.

Start Vegetable Containers
Want home grown vegetables but have no space? Here´s your solution! Step-by-step tips for containers, soil, choosing your plants, and planting.

Vegetable Container Care
Now that you've planted your container vegetable garden, here are tips to keep it healthy and help it grow.

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