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Alternatives to Child Leashes
Don't want to use a child leash when out and about with your toddler, but need to have outings be more under control? Here's some ideas for alternatives.

Using Child Leashes
Considering using a safety harness or leash with your child. Here's my perspective on the child leash debate and my guidelines on their use.

Guidelines for Young Children Attending Births
If you are planning to include a young child at a birth, whether in or out of a hospital, there are many things to consider to ensure a positive experience for the child and the birthing mother.

Having Young Children Attend Births
Many hospitals now offer mothers the chance to invite whomever they like to their births, including children. To some, this idea is completely foreign, and to some an obvious choice. So why have a young child present at the birth of a sibling?

Choosing a Baby Monitor
There are a dizzying array of baby monitors available on the market today. If you have decided to purchase or register for a monitor, there are many things to consider in making your selection.

Should I Buy a Baby Monitor
A baby monitor is one of the more expensive baby items on a registry. Some believe they are not necessary. So should you buy a baby monitor?

Bad Mother by Ayelet Waldman Review
In Bad Mother, Ayelet Waldman explores the question of how mothers beat themselves up, what it means to be a "good mother." Is it an attainable goal in today's world, or are we all just condemned to be "bad mothers?"

Treating Head Lice - Traditional Remedies
Traditional treatment for lice involves application of a chemical insecticide to the scalp and hair to kill live lice and nits, followed by manual removal of nits stuck to hair shafts. Information on lice, and traditional treatment options and concerns.

Teaching Young Children About Nutrition
While getting various vitamins and minerals in a child's diet is important, almost more important is teaching children habits which will lead to their making nutritious decisions on their own. So what is appropriate to tell a young child about nutrition?

Preventing Head Lice
Treating head lice isn't easy, so an ounce of prevention can be worth about 20 pounds of cure. So how can we do our best to avoid head lice for our children and family?

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