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Cancelling an Appointment
Is cancelling the New Black? Cancelling an appointment is not just inconvenient for you. Your cancelling is affecting others. Keeping that in mind is a step closer to cancelling with style.

Social Kissing
The handshake is losing ground to the social kiss. What works and why we should consider "to kiss or not?" upon hellos and good-byes

Basic Table Manners
The need for basic table manners becomes obvious when dining out. When you don't observe them, the whole restaurant might notice

Introductions and Children
Introducing people properly is important. Teaching children to do the same is equally important

Sending Thank You Notes
Has the thank you note met its demise?

Office Attire and the Need for a Suit
Although business casual has become the office norm, there are still plenty of reasons to have one great suit in your closet.

Sneezing Etiquette
We are all faced with the cold and flu challenges. Here are some suggestions to survive the sneeze with grace and consideration.

Integrity - A Lost Art?
Integrity - the ability to follow through on what you say - is not necessarily a desired trait these days. Much like etiquette, however, the grace and class required to be a person of integrity never goes out of style.

Wedding Invitations, Mailing & Responding
Of the many headaches wedding invitations can take shape as, proper mailing and timely responses are incredibly important

Wedding Invitations
Wedding invitations provide a bride and groom with way too many hoops to jump through. Here is a concise list and making those hoops easier to handle.

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