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Basil in the Garden
You can grow your own basil, eliminating the need to buy herbs at the store. Some herbs are hardy to grow outdoors all year long, while others you may want to grow outdoors during the summer and take indoors when the weather turns cold.

Bricks in the Garden
Instead of buying new bricks, you can reuse old bricks. For some projects, it doesn't make a difference whether you remove the mortar from the old bricks or leave it on. Bricks are functional, especially when they are used around the garden area.

Recycled Planter Ideas
You can grow flowers and vegetables in the ground or, if you have a limited amount of space, you can grow them in containers. Almost any kind of container you can find around your yard will work.

Milkweeds and Monarchs
Summer is coming closer. The days are becoming longer and gardening books are coming in the mail. Now is the time to look around your yard and begin plans for your garden. How about planting some milkweeds throughout the garden area as a calling card for Monarch Butterflies.

Uses for Plastic Mulch
Plastic mulch works for well in many types of gardening projects. Okay, we all know that organic mulch is better for the ground because it breaks down and adds nutrients to the soil, but there are exceptions.

Plants to Soften Walkways
If you have pathways or walkways, you can plant some plants to help soften the ground around that area. These plants will also help keep the ground from being a muddy mess to walk across.

Purple Flowers
Purple is a beautiful color that mixes well in the garden. If you like the color of purple, here are some suggestions that you can plant for an all purple garden, or to plant among other flowers for a purple color.

Different Varieties of Grasshoppers
Last week, I listed some of the grasshoppers you might find in your garden. This w eek I am including a few more.

Different Types of Grasshoppers
This is a two-part article on grasshoppers. While I don't like grasshoppers, there are many different types of grasshoppers. This article tells some of the differences between a few of the grasshoppers and where they are found.

Berry Shrub Varieties
Berry shrubs are wonderful to grow in your yard. Depending on the type of shrub you choose the fruits thay produce can provide food for for people, birds and other wildlife.

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