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Brain Boost Beta Wave DS
Where Brain Boost Gamma Wave helps with memory, Brain Boost Beta Wave helps with your concentration. I think pretty much ANY video game should help with that!

Metal Gear Solid Portable Ops
"Metal Gear Solid Portable Ops" for the Playstation Portable is the first PSP Metal Gear game that is actually a part of the story. In it, Big Boss must lead a unit of comrades against his former unit, the now-rogue FOX Unit.

Nintendo DS Review - After 2 Years
We have owned our Nintendo DS for two years - we bought it right when it released in December 2004. Here are our feelings after two years of playing this unit pretty much daily.

Brain Boost Gamma Wave DS
Brain Boost Gamma Wave is a mind improving game specifically aimed at improving your memory. As I definitely want a better memory, I began playing right away.

Elite Beat Agents DS
Elite Beat Agents is one of those games that seems awfully silly - but is incredibly addictive once you get started. It's a rhythm game with some fun songs to play along with.

Ace Combat X : Skies of Deception
Ace Combat X : Skies of Deception brings the air combat world of the Ace Combat series to the PSP handheld. It's a rather good port of a quite fun series.

Tetris DS
At this point, I think the whole world knows what Tetris is. This is a puzzle game involving falling pieces that you try to arrange in lines.

VG Pocket Portable Game
At first glance, the VG Pocket almost looks like one of those old style plastic candy containers. It really is a little game unit, very light, and under $50.

Sudoku Mania
We have tested quite a number of Sudoku handheld games, both for the DS and PSP. My boyfriend is a Sudoku addict! I honestly have to say that Sudoku Mania is the *worst* of anything we have tried.

Franklin's Great Adventures
In Franklin's Great Adventures, a turtle with his bear and beaver friends wander around town and help out with tasks and chores.

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