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Clouds and Sheep - Droid
Clouds and Sheep is a cute little game which has you raising sheep, watering their grass with clouds, and tossing them around for fun.

Dragon, Fly! Review - Droid
Dragon, Fly! is an arcade style 2D scroller where a young dragon has to navigate various terrains.

Mouse Trap - Droid
The Mouse Trap game combines the brain challenges of block-sliding along with a cute mouse and extra features like finding coins along the way. A great way to pass time!

Backing Up your Samsung Fascinate
While most handheld gaming units store data on an easy to back up memory card, it's more challenging to back up your contacts, apps, and games from your Samsung Fascinate. Here are the instructions.

Steel Diver Nintendo 3DS
I've been bringing my Nintendo 3DS with me everywhere to demonstrate it to family and friends. Without fail the game I help to demonstrate its abilities with is the Steel Diver submarine game.

Nintendo 3DS Review
The Nintendo 3DS is the Nintendo handheld solution which offers glasses-free 3D images on their screen. It's fairly amazing how well this technology works!

Alchemy - Droid
Alchemy for the Droid is a fun, strangely addictive game that is about creating combinations. Just starting with water, fire, earth, and air, your aim is to create 370 different end products from swamps to ice to turtles.

Angry Birds Rio
Angry Birds Rio brings our lovable little angry birds with their sling-shot attacks into the beautiful world of Rio. Best of all, they're now helping to free their feathered friends.

Solitaire Card Game Droid
Solitaire along with Spider and Freecell are card game classics that are on just about every platform. This "Ken Magic" Droid implementation is certainly functional, but leaves a lot that could be improved on.

Fruit Ninja Droid
With all the games out there involving blood and gore, it's refreshing to find a game that's simple, fun, and gives you interesting factoids as well! Fruit Ninja is just the game.

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