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Nintendo DSi Review
The Nintendo DSi brings a cool level of interactivity to your DS. You can now record sounds and take photos - both front and back - with your DS! On the downside, it only plays DS games - it cannot play old style games.

Rhythm Heaven DS
Rhythm Heaven is a great collection of mini-games for the Nintendo DS which builds up your skills in rhythm and accuracy. This is almost like a brain-train game for your fingers and ears!

Paper Football iTouch
You know things are getting odd when people are playing a very simple tabletop game like paper football on their computer. Why not just fold a piece of paper up and actually flick it with your finger?

Mancala Flipside 5 iTouch
I am a great fan of Mancala - the traditional African game involving seeds and seed cups. For whatever reason the Mancala translation by Flipside 5 is completely incomprehensible and provides less than no instructions.

Venger iTouch
Venger for the iTouch system brings to mind the old Star Wars game where you're flying over and under obstacles, trying to survive a run on the Death Star.

Pret-a-Yoga iTouch
I am all for handheld apps that help people become more healthy and get active. However, pret-a-yoga seems to be in need of some assistance in that area.

iBall 3D - iPod Touch
iBall 3D for the iPod Touch is yet another in the Labyrinth-based games available for this motion-sensing game device. I'm afraid I just didn't enjoy iBall 3D as much as the other versions I've seen.

Trace - iPod Touch
Trace is the simplest little game for the iPod Touch - but it is SO much fun. It is greatly challenging with its scenarios and layouts, but the basic concept is simple. Get your person from point A to point B.

MazeFinger - iPod Touch
MazeFinger is a fun game with a simple premise. A maze is shown on the screen and you trace it with your finger. With a timer and other challenges, soon this gets to be quite challenging!

Touch4 - iPod Touch
Touch4 for the iPod Touch is a free version of Connect Four. The game is simple to learn - but lots of fun to play! You can choose your color, choose the level of your opponent or even play with a friend.

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