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Ancient Tiahuanaco at Lake Titicaca
Thousands of years ago a highly sophisticated society created the great city of Tiahuanaco on the shore of Lake Titicaca. It is believed that the people of Tiahuanaca were the ancestors of the Incas and other cultures of South America. Tiahuanaco became the seat of a powerful pre-Columbian empire.

Our Lady of Guadalupe
On December 12, Catholics the world over, especially in Latin America, celebrate the feast day of the Virgin of Guadalupe. She is called La Reina de Mexico and is quite a cultural icon. In 1999 Pope John Paul II proclaimed Our Lady of Guadalupe a patron saint of all the Americas.

One Calamitous Spring - A Review
One Calamitous Spring: A Novel of Santa Fe is Edward F. Mendez’ debut novel. The story of the Silverton-de Baca family is at times hilarious, other times heartbreaking and always poignant. A non-polemic view of several societal issues, Mendez dexterously resolves the issues to an uplifting finish.

Latin American Food Contributions P-Z
What would our culinary world be like without the introduction of foods cultivated by the Native Americans of Mexico, Central and South America? No Russian vodka, French pastry, Irish potato, Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla, popcorn, pizza, Hawaiian pineapple, peanut butter, jack-o-lanterns and more!

Latin American Food Contributions A-P
What would our culinary world be like without the introduction of foods cultivated by the Native Americans of Mexico, Central and South America? Nowadays over sixty percent of the world’s food supply originates from pre-Columbian Native American agriculture.

Who are the Hispanic Americans?
Spanish Americans are Americans whose ancestors came from the country of Spain in southwestern Europe. Spanish Americans are the oldest European American group as they have had a constant presence in Florida since 1565.

Tango Festivals Around the World
Tango is a lively dance style that exudes passion. Attend a tango festival to see the close connection between dance partners, learn about the music and the history of the dance, and experience the pulsating energy. See a list of many tango festivals around the world.

Tango Music and Dance
Tango is the cultural manifestation of the music of the immigrants from Europe and Africa combined with the sounds of the Native Americans. Gradually the Native American music from the Argentine countryside and the African inspired milonga, was enhanced by the polkas, mazurkas, the Habanera and the

History of the Dance of Tango
The dance we call tango exemplifies the style, grace, glamour and allure of high society. Influenced by ancient African and Native American rhythms, European immigrants also played a large part in the development of tango with their musical instruments and distinctive techniques.

Maria Teresa Kumar
Maria Teresa Kumar, young, beautiful, dynamic, and oh so savvy, is making a magnificent impact on Latino youth in the United States. She is the President and CEO of Voto Latino a non-partisan organization dedicated to empowering Latino youth to improve their futures through civic participation.

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