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Christmas in Peru
Peruvians love the Christmas holiday and it is a very special time. Christmas celebrations in Peru are a blend of the traditions of the native American and Spanish traditions. Peruvians embrace the Christmas spirit and make it their own with their unique customs.

Christmas in Costa Rica
During Christmas season Costa Ricans, or Ticos as they are affectionately known, enjoy a plethora of parades, fiestas, and traditions. In the true spirit of Christmas, the season begins with the annual Telethon, forty-eight hours of concerts launched to raise funds for Children’s Hospital.

Christmas in Brazil
Christmas in Brazil is celebrated enthusiastically with a focus on family, religious services, vibrant decorations, fabulous food and colorful customs derived from its blend of diverse ethnic cultures. Brazil has unique traditions for the holiday such as Las Pastores, and Amigos Secretos.

Christmas in Mexico
Mexico has numerous Christmas traditions some originating in Spain and others evolving from Mexico�s own history. Some of Mexico�s unique customs include las posadas, las pastelas, villancicos, Nochebuena and incredible food.

Christmas in Argentina
The Christmas Season in Argentina is all about family and festivity. Families decorate their homes with Christmas trees and elaborate pesebres. The Christmas feast of carne a la parillada with salads and panettone illustrates the various multicultural influences.

Christmas in Chile
In Chile, Christmas is primarily a religious holiday celebrating the birth of Jesus. It is a time for families to get together to enjoy each other, attend Christmas Eve mass, read passages from the bible reciting the birth of Jesus, and sing Villancicos Navidenos or Christmas carols.

Sangre de Cristo Mountains
Stunningly beautiful, with many delightful small towns and communities the San Luis Valley in south central Colorado is a unique region of the Sangre de Cristos. The Spanish influence is clearly seen in the town centers with their historic adobe churches, colorful murals and delicious cuisine.

In Latin America archeologists unearthed ancient ball courts that date back to ancient Aztec and Maya civilizations. Learn about popular games in Latin America. Here you will find free word games including, Hangman, Word Search and Scrambled Words all related to Hispanic Culture.

Pan de Muertos - Bread of the Dead
In Spanish, the phrase pan de muertos means "bread of the dead," and is the traditional sweet-bread baked for Día de los Muertos. The food offerings were meant to sustain the spirits of loved ones on their arduous journey to their underworld. Includes an easy pan de muertos recipe.

Calaveras de Azucar - Sugar Skulls
The most important art form to emerge from the rituals of los D�as de los Muertos in Mexico are calaveras de azucar or sugar skulls. Here you will find a simple and inexpensive calaveras de azucar recipe so you may create your own Mexican folk art. Craft your own edible sugar skulls at home.

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