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Rock Candy Christmas - Recipe
A mother’s love for her kids is the same around the world regardless of financial status or culture. We all wish for our children to enjoy health and happiness. For many American Indian children growing up in poverty the absence of fancy foods or expensive gifts doesn't mean an absence of love.

Nonprofit Organizations on Indian Reservations
Nonprofit organizations make communities stronger by bringing people together for a common goal. They can empower communities and make healing and transformation possible.

Vision Quest
Imagine yourself embarking on a vision quest. With an intention to be aware of the sacred nature of traditional culture, the vision quest can be used as inspiration in contemporary times.

Power Place - La Push, WA USA
Certain locations allow us to connect with these magnificent forces and become strengthened by the hand of our Creator. Sacred places and landmarks were chosen for vision quests, prayers, or rituals. One such power place is along the rugged coastline of the Pacific Ocean in Washington State.

Thanksgiving Every Day
We can channel the feelings that Thanksgiving Day generates to release our spirits in ways that makes us aware of our many blessings. Taking time to visualize our prayers as we give thanks for current blessings is a powerful way to lift ourselves up.

Spirit Path - Honoring Ourselves
As we go about our busy lives we often become overloaded with obligations. It’s just part of life right? We can look to Native American philosophy to help us prioritize these obligations.

Medicine of the Self – A Path to Moving Beyond Ego
Who are you? What is your truth? These are tough questions to answer. However, if we are courageous enough to do the work required to find the answers we are rewarded with the sense to find and follow our own paths. Native American wisdom can help heal and guide us along life’s precious journey.

Purification- 3 Steps Closer to Spirit
Native Americans knew the value and purpose of purification not only of the physical body but of our spiritual selves as well. Before any Native American ritual or ceremony took place it was necessary to cleanse and purify the mind, body, and spirit of impurities and toxins.

Salsa Recipe for Indian Tacos
This salsa recipe is easy and delicious and perfect to serve with Indian Tacos. Spicy or mild, chunky or smooth– it’s up to you! Food is a symbol of the Great Spirit's goodness, abundance, and guidance for our people and these are the things that feed us daily.

Tribal Elections, Tribal Shift
The Crow Nation is at a flashpoint as we enter our tribal election season. Sudden action is expected, a change in the direction of our spirit is at hand.

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