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Jack Maddox Interview
feature a lot of monsters, but also characters living on foodstamps, who've lost loved ones, are in good or bad marriages...I firmly believe that keeping a fantasy tale's feet on the ground makes it accessible for everyone.”

Frank Cavallo interview
Frank Cavallo says, “I’m not much of a believer in religion or faith – however, I am interested very deeply in how those two things shape our lives. I don’t pretend to know the answers to any of the big questions, but for just that reason I’m endlessly fascinated with the uncertainty of it all.”

Raegan Butcher Interview
Poet, singer, actor, ex-convict, and underground cult figure, Raegan Butcher first began writing at the age of fourteen.

Jamie Brindle Interview
Jamie Brindle, doctor, author, raised by ex-hippies who planted a hedge maze in the garden and sold boomerangs for a living, seeks girlfriend for his brother. You will love this guy!

Discuss 9 Incarnate
Want to share an incredible Paranormal SciFi Fantasy with your book club? Here are the questions for 9 Incarnate by Gary Starta.

Clark Thomas Carlton Interview
“We are word junkies. It’s a habit that distresses us and has its frustrations, but it’s an addiction so fulfilling we are never giving it up.” ~~ Clark Thomas Carlton

Ken Scott Smith interview
Ken Scott Smith explains, “The world couldn’t be this messed up on its own, there has to be someone or something pulling the strings, and then all my catholic experiences came flooding back, the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, what if they were real? I started writing the very next day.”

Susan Kaye Quinn Interview
Susan Kaye Quinn writes brilliantly. And believably! The best way to truly introduce you to her books is to ask you to go to her website and watch the trailers for her books. I haven’t said WOW about a book in a very long time; Susan Kay Quinn’s series Mindjack will make you say it, too.

Jamie Brindle Tells More
More from the delightful Jamie Brindle!

Edward Lee Interview
Edward Lee, author of over fifty speculative fiction books, declares, “More than any of that, though, meeting fans is always the best part. They’re the only reason I’m not washing dishes in a restaurant!”

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