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Earth 2 Complete Episode Guide
"Earth 2" is out on DVD. Rediscover this 1994-1995 SciFi TV series with our detailed episode guide.

Earth 2 101
Though it only lasted one season, NBC´s 1994-95 SciFi TV offering was an excellent series that focused less on flashy effects and more on the human--and not-so-human--element. Now that it´s out on DVD fans can rediscover the adventure of "Earth 2."

Getting Ready for “Revenge of the Sith”
This SciFi fan is busy getting herself ready to see the final installment of George Lucas´ epic space fantasy, which opens May 19.

Say Goodbye to Star Trek
After 18 continuous years of "Star Trek," the final new episode of "Enterprise" airs and then leaves us with a void that can't easily be filled. But fortunately, we have lots of great TV memories to comfort us till the next "Trek" project comes around.

Battlestar Galactica 1st Season Episode Guide
The first 13 episodes of SciFi Channel´s "Battlestar Galactica" remind us how much fun the genre can be. The second season starts in a few months, but meanwhile here´s what´s happened so far.

The 5 Most Influential SciFi Shows of the ‘90s
Do you remember these great SciFi shows? They may be gone, but you´ll find that they´re not forgotten if you just check out today´s TV landscape.

DVD Preview - The Clone Wars
Bridging the gap between Vol. II and Vol III, "Star Wars: The Clone Wars" is a Cartoon Network TV micro-series that will be available on DVD in March.

Speculating on Star Trek
The campaign has begun to save "Enterprise." What are the options? What is the best way to help "Star Trek" live long and prosper? Our editor weighs in.

Interview - Claudia Christian, Babylon 5
On "Babylon 5," Claudia Christian played Commander Ivanova for four years. Here, she discusses her tenure on one of the best recent SciFi shows.

Looking Forward to Life Without Star Trek
"Enterprise" has been canceled--and with it, an 18-year era ends. What will we do in a world with without new "Star Trek" episodes in it?

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