Pirate Story Books for Children

Pirate  Story Books for Children
Pirate and adventure story books stroke the imagination of children. Sea breezes ruffle their hair. Sun rays bake their skin. Salt waters spray a cooling mist on their sun-baked skin.

Best of all, pirates do not answer to their parents. Pirates are free to do as they please. They come and go when they desire. There is no law except the pirates’ own.

A pirate’s life is one of adventure. Grand adventure! They sail the seas. A full breeze in the sails and off they go. A pirate’s life is full of hidden treasures. Ah, the treasure chest! Be it on another ship or on a deserted island, the pirate will secure it.

Children love pirate story books and films. Treasure Island, Robinson Crusoe and The Swiss Family Robinson are beloved classics. Huckleberry Finn, in the story of the same name, pretends to be a pirate. Children love Captain Jack in the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise. The amusement park theme ride, of the same name, is a Disney favorite.

Justin Somper continues the pirates’ theme in his series, Vampirates. In the first book, Vampirates Demons of the Ocean, he combines pirates and vampires. Yes, vampires! The result is a page turner. There are preteen twins, Connor and Grace, torn apart by a devastating sea storm. They search for each other on separate ships. Each ship is under the control of pirates. One pirate has a pet snake who nests in the pirate’s hair.

Read a pirate book, become a swashbuckler. Feel the sea breezes, sun rays and salt water on the skin. Escape from the everyday rules and regulations. Sail the high seas. Read a treasure chest of pirate adventure and action stories.

Justin Somper's Vampirates Demons of the Ocean is available at Amazon.

Children Pirate Story Books

Pirate Story Books Ages 4-8
Maisy's Pirate Treasure Hunt
Pirate's Alphabet
Roger, the Jolly Pirate
The Gingerbread Pirates
Tough Boris
On a Pirate Ship
Pirate Treasure Hunt!
Judy Moody and Stink: The Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad Treasure Hunt
Henry & the Crazed Chicken Pirates
The Pirate Cruncher

Pirate Story Books Ages 8-12
Escape from Treasure Island
Treasure Island
Pirates Past Noon(Magic Tree House #4)
Pirates(Magic Tree House Research Guide)
Treasure Island - John Lawrence
The Hurricane Mystery(Boxcar Children)
Uncle Duncle Chronicles

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