Unforgivable Behavior

Unforgivable Behavior
It is said that to err is human but to forgive is divine. That’s an interesting concept and a very open minded way to behave but I’m not sure that it’s always logical. It seems like these days there are just some things that people do to each other that are unforgivable. According to The World Dictionary on Dictionary.com the definition of Unforgivable is so bad as to be unable to be excused or pardoned. Sure, all people make some mistakes but when the mistakes become the norm and acceptable behavior becomes the exception then to err is human just may not apply.

moth When someone’s human errors and insensitive behavior is the norm isn’t that a sign that maybe that person simply lacks the ability to behave appropriately? When a person lacks humanity and scruples and morals perhaps it is then that they cease to be part of the human race and become a member of the animal kingdom. It is then that their behavior often becomes unforgivable. It is unforgivable to be blessed to have a life as the top life form on earth and to ignore that fact, not live up to that fact and to instead choose to behave like an animal. People who have no conscience, who recklessly and consistently mistreat their family, friends and significant others lack humanity and therefore their indiscretions may be viewed by the victims of their insensitivity and bad behavior as unforgivable.

As you read this are you the culprit or are you the victim? Can you see yourself in the descriptions above? If you do unforgivable things then you should realize that eventually no matter what your reasons are for doing them and no matter how many times you apologize your actions may eventually become unforgivable to those you hurt. Perhaps you should give that some thought and start on a path to self-improvement because eventually when you’ve hurt enough people over and over your world will get smaller and smaller as people around you begin to see through your façade and realize you are just an animal disguised as a man. Apologies are just words if they are given over and over again in response to committing the same indiscretions. Eventually they just become words strung together that have no meaning and the very fact that they are spoken again and again for the same indiscretions and are expected to be accepted as truth is both insulting and unforgivable. At some point people will identify what you say and do as the bad behavior of a Bullshitter. If you’re not sure if someone you know fits the criteria here’s a riddle to help you make a determination.

What spins, spews and digs all at the same time? Answer – a Bullshitter –He spins a line of bull in his head, spews it out of his mouth every time he speaks and eventually digs an imaginary hole for either himself or a trusting believer with his nonsense and lies, insincere promises and apologies.

Some things are not unforgivable the first time or even the second time but at some point repetition makes them unforgivable. Some things are not equally unforgivable when the culprit is in need of medical attention. But some things really are unforgivable instantly and some behavior really is unforgivable instantly but everyone has there own threshold of just how much bullshit they are willing to put up with before their internal alarm goes off and they decide enough is enough and they identify rude, insensitive, bad behavior as UNFORGIVABLE BEHAVIOR. It a Matter of the Heart - Your Heart!

Until next time, have a warm heart but be COOL! Be happy, be well, and be the best you that you can be!

Best Regards,

Kate Woods
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