Portion Control Tips for Losing Weight

Portion Control Tips for Losing Weight
Portion control is one trick that can help turn your struggle into success, but it shouldn't be torturous to implement. Here are some easy ways that you can cut calories without sacrificing the satisfying feeling of having a full belly.

Drinking the recommended eight glasses of water each day can be a challenge. Some dietitians and doctors will suggest adding some artificial flavoring to water (such as Crystal Light) will make the taste more palatable.

However, I do not believe this is the healthy route to take. Those little flavor packets are filled with chemicals. The human body has a difficult time processing artificial sweeteners. Instead, adding fresh citrus to your water is the way to go, if that is the only way you can drink it.

I personally do not like water, nor do I like citrus. I force myself to drink two bottles of water every morning, and then two more throughout the day. It is possible to mistake thirst for hunger. So always start with H2O.

Fruits and Veggies
Bulk up on the veggies. I add spinach or kale to most every meal I make, even sauces. Adding more veggies into the meal, will lessen the chance of over-indulging on unnecessary carbs.

The suggested serving size of food is depressing. For example, I have one cup of Trader Joe's Raisin Bran most mornings. One cup of cereal causes feelings of deprivation, no matter what size bowl is used. However, to combat that feeling of lack, I fill the rest of the bowl with berries.

Set the Mood
We are an on-the-move society. It is difficult to slow down the days' tempo, especially when we are running a list of to-do's while eating. But you owe it to yourself and to your body to do just that.

One change that is relatively easy to make is to turn off the television. Eating while watching t.v. will cause you to absent-mindedly eat more. Instead of tv, turn on some easy listening music. Pretend you are in a restaurant and dine at your table. Converse, laugh, listen, and love.

Making these small changes will help to control consumption of unnecessary calories. You'll feel less deprived, more successful and healthier in mind and body. Take the time to be intentional about the quality of your life.

How do you reduce the number of calories without sacrificing the feeling of fullness? Do you have any successful tips to share? Pop on over to the forum and let us know.

Disclaimer: I am not a doctor and the articles I write are intended to increase your knowledge about the subject. It’s always a good idea to check with your personal doctor before changing your diet or starting a new fitness routine.

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