Yoga Booty Ballet Review

Yoga Booty Ballet Review
I don’t recall the first VHS exercise videos by Beachbody that I have used, but I do know I have tried a few programs distributed by this company.

The first one I can remember using in my early 30s (circa 2000s) was Slim in 6. Slim in 6 incorporated basic and repetitive exercise moves which were easy to do, yet challenging in intensity - yes, I felt the burn. I used Slim in 6 at least once a week.

The second exercise video I can recall using in my late 30s (an upgraded DVD collection) was P90X. Still doable, but I must admit, I wasn’t an avid user of this exercise program, probably because it required additional apparatus.

I then tried Insanity … I did not jive with all that jumping around.

Fast forward about 5 years: While perusing my mother’s DVD collection, I came across another exercise program distributed by Beachboy called Yoga Booty Ballet. How hard could this be?

Well, suffice it to say, I am older … much older. And certain body parts do not move as freely as the way they once did. But, in the interest of journalism, and women who value accurate and usable information, like myself, I decided to review this program.

The DVD contains 3 sections:

- Rehearsal & Guided Meditation as expected, provided useful, albeit boring information.
- Total Toning Basics recommended guidelines and equipment for this section include: comfortable clothing, an empty stomach, plenty of water, hand weights, a sticky mat, and a squishy ball.
- Advanced recommended guidelines and equipment for this section are the same as for the Basic workout.

  • The Warmup – reminded me of why I don’t do Zumba. The warmup had an Aboriginal dance feel to it. No matter what it’s called, I still do not have rhythm, and I certainly cannot get all my parts to move that quickly. But I can flail my arms around as good as the next gal (or guy). And that is what I did. Was it effective? It did get my heart rate up, but I’m not so sure about how well it stretched and primed targeted areas of my body, since some of the moves, I could not perform correctly.

  • If there is balance in your body, it is reflected in your life.

  • Ballet – I feel the ballet segment was a solid workout. I am by no means trained in the art of ballet. I am not in any sense of the word, graceful. I do believe that learning to engage your core (abdominals) is an essential component for developing a strong body. The ballet segment requires that you balance on one leg, while working the other leg. Of course, you can use a chair to aid in balancing your body. Your booty, hips, and abs get a good workout and it is fairly easy to do.

  • Sculpting – In this segment, you need a set of light weights (2 pounds). I used 5 pound weights and did well. The sculpting segment was an excellent workout for the arms, abs, and thighs (squats).

  • The foundation of our lives, is our breath.

  • Cool Down Yoga – I personally loved the yoga segment and would be inclined to work out with it on a daily basis.

  • Abdominals – This segment takes place on the floor. The exercises in this workout include squeezing the squishy ball between your legs and then incorporates crunches into the routine. The exercises in this segment are completely doable regardless of your abilities.

  • Final Cool Down – The final segment is comprised of general stretching of the back and legs.

  • The Advanced workout begins with Kundalini Yoga that focuses on Kriya energy.

  • Let every move you make be an expression of your divinity.

  • Warmup – Again the cardio warmup is comprised of those funky hip-jiving moves which I cannot seem to get my body parts to cooperate together. There is one participant in the crew who is not totally ripped and is an average woman. She does a good job keeping up with the rest of the class. I can follow her, but I am not able to move like the instructors. The advanced warmup segment is quite a bit longer than the basic warmup lasting approximately 30 minutes; All-in-all, it was way too long for me.

  • Ballet – As in the Basic warmup, the ballet segment emphasizes balance using different leg movements.

  • Delight in the joy of accomplishment.

  • Hatha yoga stretching is a relaxing and gentle way to stretch out your muscles. I did not feel intimidated by the moves and I thoroughly enjoyed this part of the workout.

  • Rest. Replenish. Renew.

  • The final section is the cool down in a Goddess Pose meditation. I fell asleep.

Pros: Yoga Booty Ballet is a convenient at-home workout that most people (who are coordinated and have rhythm) could do. The video offers two levels: Basic and Advanced. I would say that the Advanced is not more difficult than the Basic; It is just longer in time.

Cons: You need to be able to move quickly in the warmup section of both workouts. If you are uncoordinated, like I am, then you might not be able to keep up or attain maximum effectiveness.

Overall, I would recommend this product for the variety of exercises: dance, yoga, strength training, and meditation.


Have your tried out Yoga Booty Ballet? Hop on over to the forum. We'd love to hear your thoughts.

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US: Yoga Booty Ballet : Rehearsal & Guided Meditation ; Total Toning Basics ; Advanced Fat Burning

UK: Yoga Booty Ballet: Goddess Booty / Yoga Core [DVD]

Disclaimer: I am not a doctor and the articles I write are intended to increase your knowledge about the subject. It’s always a good idea to check with your personal doctor before beginning this exercise program..

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