Clear the Clutter Drop the Weight Review

Clear the Clutter Drop the Weight Review

If you’re looking to enhance your wellness, trying lose weight, working toward getting into shape, or in general, just wanting a fresh start for your mindful well-being, you might be focused on diet, exercise, maybe even meditation or other practices that would help you feel aligned. But, the one thing you cannot neglect is
your living space.

The Product and the Promise
Author Peter Walsh surmises,
"Many people buy a product, but what they are really doing is investing in the promise. For example, someone buys a treadmill. But what he is really investing in is the promise that somehow that treadmill will make him magically fit and thin. So people end up with a house full of products and unfulfilled promises. And they are extremely reluctant to let go of the product because they can’t let go of the promise."

Living space is so incredibly critical to one's health and wellness. It is unfortunate that many people have absolutely no idea how profound it is. In Peter Walsh's new book, Lose the Clutter, Lose the Weight, he asks if you feel carefree walking into your home as if you were on vacation; Or do you feel the weight and stress of having to deal with all of your possessions. He relates that to your body feeling light and free as in, could you go for a brisk walk, touch your toes, or skip along as if not having a care in the world.

Home Clutter = Body Clutter
He postulates the correlation between clutter and weight gain. In a nutshell, Walsh asserts that people buy products impulsively because they feel good in the moment. The same is true for eating or doing basic household chores. Why spend fertilizer when you can call on the landscaper? Why drive to the grocery store, when you can place an order online and have it delivered? By extension, why grow your own fruits and veggies when you can buy them pre-washed and ready to go from the store. Heck, if it's a good sale, buy more!

The Cortisol Connection
In his book, Peter Walsh discusses a study that was done about cluttered households and how women had
elevated levels cortisol solely from the stress of clutter. Increased cortisol levels can lead to increased belly fat. Clutter equals impulsive choices for short term happiness. Even I know that when my house is in disarray, I tend to make unhealthy food choices. Heck! Who cares? I'll get to it tomorrow ... Sound familiar?

Even something as inconspicuous as clutter that was hidden away in drawers and hidden away in closets increased the stress of knowing there was clutter, raised cortisol levels and directly contributed to things like insomnia, difficulty losing weight, and disrupting your immune system making you sick!

Walsh goes on to say that you are not overweight and cluttered not because you are bad or weak. And happily, it's never too late to change. Each year, he organizes an event called #31DAYS2GETORGANIZED. In the book, he talks about a woman who took the 31 Day Challenge and she not only dumped the clutter, but also lost 8.4 pounds! That is an astounding amount of weight to lose when not trying.

All of this reinforces that one of the best things you can do to have a positive impact on your diet and mental wellness is to clean up your space! Spring cleaning, declutter, get rid of anything that has not been used, or is no longer loved or needed. Do all this each day and you will be balanced, feel fantastic, more energized, and finally drop that weight!

How do you feel about clutter and weight loss? Do you think they are related? Hop on over to the forum and share your thoughts.

For purposes of this review, I purchased a copy of the book using my own funds. If you would also like to purchase Peter Walsh's Lose the Clutter, Lose the Weight, do click onto the or links below.

US: Lose the Clutter, Lose the Weight: The Six-Week Total-Life Slim Down

Lose the Clutter, Lose the Weight

Peter Walsh's 31 Days to Get Organized Challenge: Follow Along at Home!

Disclaimer: I am not a doctor and the articles I write are intended to increase your knowledge about the subject. It’s always a good idea to check with your personal doctor before changing your diet or exercise routine.

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