Relationship Ends – Healing Begins

Relationship Ends – Healing Begins
When a relationship ends badly sometimes it’s hard to imagine that it ever really existed and often you wonder if you ever knew the person you were involved with in that relationship. Your mind goes over and over details and facts and you try to make sense of what happened and how to begin healing. Sometimes it helps the healing process to put your feelings into words.

Some people find writing a farewell letter or list or poem, or even a song, very helpful in dealing with their feelings after a break-up with an ex partner or with an ex friend. Venting how you feel can be very therapeutic and can help you put festering feelings behind you.

In a way, it helps you get the last word without the other person ever even knowing that you did. Here’s an example:


You broke my heart. You didn’t care.
You lied to me. You were not fair.
You hid the facts. You are a fraud.
You evaded. You masqueraded. You tried to play God.
You made excuses. You liked to pretend.
You disguise yourself. You say you’re my friend.
You say you love me. You put others above me.
You have an ulterior motive. You hide it in all that you do.
You never really existed. You are the person I never knew.
You are an illusion. You are an imaginative delusion.
You never really existed. You are unreal and unlisted.
You the great pretender - You the reality bender,
You just a distant memory - You regrettable forgettable -

Kate Woods

Break-ups are generally not easy but every experience in life can teach us something if you get past the hurt and take a good look at the situation and ask yourself – what did I learn from this experience? Or what did I learn about myself from this relationship? Consider the things that were the most troublesome and realistically think about if you might have handled them better or if you did handle them appropriately but the two of you were just incompatible. Relationships and people come and go in life. Not everything is meant to be; not every relationship is a match; but you can and should take something away with you from each and every experience in life and each and every relationship you have. What is that? You should learn something about yourself and use it to make you a stronger, better, more balanced person and to heal and move forward in your life.

Next you might try realizing just how incredible a person you are or how incredible a person you can become and write yourself a little note like this little post it sized note I wrote.


YOU, incredible you,
You can succeed at all you do,
You can be strong,
You can belong,
To the world you create yourself,
For wonderful, incredible YOU…

Kate Woods

Until next time, have a warm heart but be COOL! Be happy, be well, and be the best you that you can be!

Best Regards,

Kate Woods
I Aspire To Inspire
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