I Am Woman

I Am Woman
Women today are the most versatile creatures on earth; they carry an arsenal of tools within their purses and within themselves. At any given time, they may choose to portray themselves through the imagery of their soft feminine side, but that doesn’t mean that when necessary that they cannot be a woman that roars. A perfect mantra for today’s woman of any age is – I Am Woman – I Am Who I Am! I Get It Done!

iaw Women of all ages, from those in their late teens, to those who have lived to be 100 years old, have the capacity to roar into the wind. Women are truly strong by nature. Consider the fact that nature has designated the woman as the child bearer. I’d like to see a man go through 9 months of pregnancy and the act of giving birth and then to begin nurturing and caring for a new life when they really need care and attention themselves.

Women are more often than not, stronger than they know themselves. From teen years forward they have to deal with the antics of men who believe themselves to be Gods rather than mere mortals. These unenlightened modern men want women to be thin, strong, pretty, full of energy, nurturing when needed, physically available when needed and also to run a household, be completely organized, take care of any children that they spawn and to bring home the bacon and a substantial income. Oh yes, it seems like men even expect women to be able to walk on water while they keep juggling all the other balls of life in the air. Meanwhile, many of the men, not all, but many of them are unorganized, under motivated and disloyal. Talk about great expectations. In today’s world women should have few expectations and men seem to have an unreasonable list of them.

Before women evolved in the sixties, women were a much more black and white version of today’s woman. This was depicted in an entertaining way in the movie The Stepford Wives. Clearly, the expectations for women back in the day did not include walking on water, or living in full living color each and every day. When women began to evolve along came a song by Helen Reddy called I Am Woman. It embraced the fact that women were strong and invincible and that when they needed to they could roar and that if they had to they could do anything. Indeed today's women prove everyday that they can Get It Done!

So with so much expected of us these days, how do we embrace the feminine while still being strong and invincible? How do we find the energy to roar when necessary? That’s a big question. Perhaps we must just remember that the powers that be knew and recognized the fact that women were the stronger gender and therefore designated them the child bearers, the ones responsible for all life going forward. By virtue that all women have the capacity to nurture by nature, even if they choose not to, they also have the fierce strength to protect their offspring and to provide for them alone when needed. This is the capacity to roar in the face of great responsibility. That being said, women are also softer and prettier by nature and are entitled to embrace the feminine whenever they choose to do so. We can cry AND we can roar.

Women are versatile and therefore we have the power to make choices about who we are at any given time on any given day. We can embrace our feminine from a position of strength. A female lioness sits regally and beautifully but still has a powerful roar when she needs it to protect herself and her cubs.

Therefore, I return to my opening as I embrace a perfect mantra for today’s woman of any age is – I Am Woman – I Am Who I Am! I Get It Done!

Best Regards,

Kate Woods
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