One of our favourite meals to eat in Bangkok is the Thai version of Suki-Yaki. We usually eat this dish at one of the many MK restaurants which specialize in this fun cook it yourself meal.

Suki-Yaki is such a fun meal that you cook at your table in a pot of steaming broth that is placed on a charcoal burner or hot plate. You pick out the “sets” or plates of ingredients you want from a menu. It is a serious smorgasbord of ingredients-seafood, meats, fowl, vegetables and noodles.

For preparing this meal at home I suggest choosing which ever ingredients you want to serve and arrange on large platters instead of the small plates. We usually use many of the local seafood offerings of the San Francisco Bay, and a vegetable plate, plus noodles and eggs to finish the meal as a soup in the delightful broth. The broth becomes so flavourful from cooking all these ingredients.

Traditionally each diner is served a plate, a bowl, chopsticks, and a small wire scoup plus dipping sauces.

Preparation for Suki-Yaki Meal
Boil water with stock cube to make a broth. If you have homemade stock that would be even better, but we usually just use a Knorr cube like Thais do. You can add some daikon slices for extra flavor.

Pour stock into suki-yaki pan. Have hot water available to add if the broth boils down too much.

Light the burner under the serving pan. I use a Tiger Burner that is fueled by a can of butance available at most Asian markets. This Tiger-burner is a wonderful portable cooking device for use indoors or out.

Each person takes some of the meat, seafood and vegetables and cooks it in the broth for a few minutes until done. Once cooked, they remove it onto their plate and dip the meats into the sauces to their own tastes. It is such fun trying on the ingredients in the various sauces!

Here are a couple of videos of this wonderful style meal:

The plates below are for 4 servings; adjust quantities of ingredients as appetites dictate.

Seafood Plate-Bangkok Style

4 cups Water
1 Fish or Shrimp Stock Cube (usually Knorr brand)
2 ounces raw shrimp, shelled & deveined
3 ounces firm white fish
2 ounces Scallops
2 ounces calamari, criss-cross cuts & tentacles
2 ounces baby octopus (optional)
2 ounces crab legs or lobster slices or shelled rock shrimp or crayfish
2 ounces oysters, small (optional)
*Variations in Laos and Isan would use fresh water fish and shrimp.
Preparation For Seafood Plate
Arrange ingredients artistically on a large plate.

Ingredients for a Mixed Meat Plate
4 ounces beef steak, thinly sliced
4 ounces lean lamb leg meat, thinly sliced
4 ounces skinless chicken breast, thinly sliced
4 ounces lean pork meat, thinly sliced (tenderloin works great)
Preparation For Meat Plate
Slice meats thinly and arrange thinly sliced meats on platter.

Ingredients for Soup & Vegetable Plate
Note- This plate is served with meat and or seafood plates
Serves 4 persons

4 cups Water
1 Chicken Stock Cube (usually Knorr brand) *
2 ounces Daikon, ½ slices (can be added to broth at the beginning)
2 ounces red bell peppers, 1” square pieces
2 ounces Carrot, thin slices
3 ounces Napa or Chinese Cabbage, ½ inch slices
2 ounces Coriander Leaves
2 ounces Green Onions, 2” pieces
3 ounces fresh, cleaned shitakiis, X’ed on top
3-4 ounces fried or fresh tofu 1” pieces
3 ounces Baby corn
3 ounces Broccoli flowerettes
Added at the end to the flavourful broth:
2-3 ounces Vermicelli Noodle (Wun Sen) or bean thread noodles
1 or 2 eggs, beaten and added to the soup with the noodles
Variations: Enoki mushrooms, straw mushrooms, white mushrooms, or presoaked dried shitakiis can be used
Preparation for Vegetable Plate
Prepare and slice all the vegetables, arrange artistically on a large serving plate.

Knorr cube sometimes I use a Tom Yum cube instead for more spicey flavour

Taisuki sauce (traditional Old Style Sauce)
10 cloves of garlic
3 tbl sp of fermented bean curd
7 Thai chilies
2 tbl fresh lime juice
2 tbl of sugar (could use Splenda)
1 tsp of sesame oil
2 tbl of fish sauce

Place in the food processor or blender, process on high speed until it mixes well. You can use mortar and pestle if you like, but reduce liquid. Add remaining liquid after pounding.

Sweet Chilli Sauce
5 Tablespoons Thai Sweet Chile Sauce (available at Asian Markets)
4 Bird Chiles
3 Garlic Cloves
2 Tablespoons Fish Sauce

Peel the garlic.
Place the garlic, chiles, sweet chilli sauce and fish sauce into a blender and blend until it's well mixed, or place in a mortar and pound with pestle until smooth.
Green 'Seafood' Sauce
5 Green Bird Chiles
4 Garlic Cloves
2 Tablespoons Vinegar
1/3 Teaspoons Sugar (could use Splenda)
2 Teaspoons Lime Juice
2 Tablespoons Fish Sauce

Peel the garlic.
Place the garlic, chiles, sweet chilli sauce and fish sauce into a blender and blend until it's well mixed, or place in a mortar and pound with pestle until smooth.

Sukiyaki Sauce
6 Tablespoons Thai Sweet Chilli/chile Sauce (available at Asian Markets)
2 Tablespoons Vinegar
2 Tablespoons Light Soy Sauce
1 Tablespoon Sugar (could use Splenda)
30 ml Sesame Oil
2 Tablespoons Toasted Sesame Seeds
2 Tablespoons Chopped Coriander
5 Garlic Cloves

Peel the garlic.
Place the garlic, chiles, Thai Sweet Chilli sauce and fish sauce into a blender and blend until it is well mixed, or place in a mortar and pound with pestle until smooth. Add the sesame seeds on the top as a garnish.

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