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Care sheets on birds and parrots, bird and parrot pictures, how to train a parrot, how to teach a parrot to talk, recognizing health problems in birds and parrots, find a parrot breeder

African Grey Parrot star
The African Grey, their gentle, but teasing nature can learn an amazing vocabulary, imitate sounds, are intelligent, and can communicate. How to care for the Congo African Grey Parrot and the Timneh African Grey.

American Federation of Aviculture star[offsite link]
American Federation of Aviculture (AFA) The purpose of the AFA is to represent all aspects of aviculture and to educate the public about keeping and breeding birds in captivity.

Avian Veterinarian star
How to find a good Avian Veterinarian same rules apply to finding any good Veterinarian. Also, make sure you have a suitable carrier handy so when an emergency does occur, you have a safe way to quickly transport your precious pet.

Avian Web star[offsite link]
Pretty nice search feature for parrots.

Bird Hotline star[offsite link]
Bird hotline - worldwide service for lost and found birds. The website is full of useful information.

Birds at BellaOnline star
Visit the bird site here at Bella devoted to our feathered companions.

Birds star
Pet birds of the domestic variety and an outstanding source of information

Birds of Prey – Falconry star
Has the art or sport of falconry fascinated you? It is very much alive and well. I am sure that many people have misconceptions. Learn more about falcons, falconry, hawkers, hawking, and the incredible relationship they have with their majestic birds of prey! Do you have what it takes for falconry?

Cages for Parrots and Birds star
One of the most important and most expensive single expenditures will be a good, sound cage for your exotic pets. Small birds need flying space, parrots need to exercise their wings and enjoy climbing.

Cages for Birds and the Parrot star
One of the most important and most expensive single expenditures will be a good, sound cage for your exotic pets. Small birds need flying space, parrots need to exercise their wings and enjoy climbing.

Canaries star
Canaries don’t climb for exercise as parrots do. The canary needs to fly. I wouldn’t recommend purchasing a canary from an outdoor aviary. Mosquitoes carry canary pox and easily transmit the canary pox to canaries. How to care for a pet canary. A songbird that is sure to delight your family.

Clipping Wings Birds and Parrots star
Clipping a bird´s wings has a lot of advantages, first if you clip wings you won´t find your bird flying off into the sunset never to be found again. Second, it is much easier to bond with and train your parrot. Once you have the technique demonstrated it really is pretty easy.

Cockatiels star
The endearing cockatiel with its many color mutations make a sweet delightful exotic pet. They are capable of learning speech. The cockatiel is capable of living for 30 years, why is the average lifespan of this companion pet only 5 years?

Color Mutations of the Cockatiel star[offsite link]
See the many different color mutations of the cockatiel. There is also an interesting article on genetics - how these colors are achieved.

Conure star
The conure is the economical parrot but it is packed full of wonder for such a small package. There are many varieties of conures. Many, learn to talk quite well.

Ducks - How to Care for Ducks star
Ducks are friendly, charming, and can be downright sweet, and to top all that off they are beneficial. You have a pet that works for a living and that is rare. Just ask my cats, or for that matter any pet I have in the house. How to care for ducks.

Emergency First Aid for Birds star
If your bird is injured or becomes ill have a carrier ready to transport, supplies ready for emergency procedures, and your Avian Veterinarian’s phone number and emergency phone number ready.

Green Eggs and Chickens star
Sometimes we don’t intentionally go out to find a pet, exotic pet or otherwise. Sometimes we find each other. Considering I had grown up on a ranch, in my youth, I never thought of a chicken as anything other than a farm animal. That is, until I fell in love with my pet chicken.

Macaw star
All about the macaw including care information, training, diet, health, behavioral problems, socialization, and speech. The macaw is a highly social bird and needs a great deal of attention. The macaw can range in size from the Hahn’s macaw to the Hyacinth Macaw both spectacular beautiful birds.

Macaw Comparison Guide star
This is a guide intended to compare different species of macaws, from the Hahn's Macaw also known as the Red-shouldered Macaw, tiny but mighty; to the largest macaw, the beautiful and sweet Hyacinth Macaw. But let’s not forget the rarest the Spix’s Macaw (Little Blue Macaw).

Mute Swans – Cygnets Have Hatched! star
I promised to sit on the nest until the baby swans hatched. We drove to Woonsocket, SD just about every day when it got close to hatching time. We caught both the pen and the hob busily working on the nest when the cygnets began to hatch. The babies are beautiful!

Parakeet star
A parakeet or a budgerigar is an excellent parrot for someone that lives in an apartment. They are not loud. They are quite capable of learning to talk.

Swan – How to Care for Pet Swans star
The graceful and beautiful swan can be exotic pets if you have the correct environment for them to live happy, and healthy lives. Learn what swans eat, incubation period of the eggs, how the swans care for their cygnets, and how to find swans for sale from a swan breeder. Do they mate for life?

Teaching your Parrot to Talk star
Beyond a shadow of a doubt I know that parrots can vocally communicate. It is relatively easy to teach a bird to talk. But, don’t repeat the same word over and over. You don’t want your bird to mimic; you want communication.

Thanksgiving Turkeys – No Recipe Needed star
We all like our Thanksgiving turkey prepared in different ways. Meet a special animal and Happy Thanksgiving!

The Association of Avian Veterinarians star[offsite link]
Good resource on avian medicine. The site also has a tool to locate an Avian Veterinarian.

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