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July 19 2006 Cocktails Newsletter

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Cocktails Newsletter
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Cocktails with Editor Michelle Dompierre Southern, for BellaOnline
This drink is a prerequisite for becoming an official Canadian; even the underagers are familiar with the virgin version. A perfect drink for the cottage, at brunch, or as a midnight snack.

Enjoy! :)

Recent Recipes and Articles:
Haven't dropped by lately? Here are the currently featured recipes for cocktails, mocktails, reviews, and other articles since my last newsletter:

There are as many different versions of this recipe as there are positions in the Kama Sutra, but this one is my favourite. It features black raspberry and melon liqueurs, juices, and vodka.

A very trendy fruit juice available at some grocery stores, this tasty orange is as red as its name. If you can´t find it at your local store, buy some blood oranges and juice 'em yourself. Also linked to my Mocktail version.

Refreshing on a hot summer day, I came up with this recipe after a long day of house-hunting. A fun, grown-up twist on the classic iced tea. Also linked to my Mocktail version.

Hugely popular in the 60's and 70's, this simple but tasty classic is also known as the "rummincoe".. or if you're still sober, the "Rum and Coke".

A tasty treat any time of the year, this coffee and chocolate milk beverage is a great way to indulge your sweet tooth without the alcohol. With buzz or without.

Michelle's Swizzle-Stick Tip
Most everyone knows about freezing juice to make ice that won't dilute your punch as it melts, but did you know that you can make flavoured ice cubes to add a subtle taste to your favourite beverage? Try freezing lemon juice and water for your iced tea to add a tasty zing to each sip. Or add crushed herbs, such as mint, to the water trays for a pretty... and tasty... drink addition.

Cutting Back On Booze?
You can eliminate most, if not all, of the alcohol in the cocktail recipes I feature and write about. To find heavenly recipes for beverages that don't involve any booze at all, check out my always-growing section on Mocktails (which are alcohol-free cocktails). You'll enjoy all of the fun without sacrificing taste!

Simply Dazzle 'Em...
No one needs to know you require advance notice to be the host(ess) with the mostest! You'll be prepared for guests in a flash with these simple and delicious Canada Day and Fourth of July cocktail recipes:

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Notes On A Cocktail Napkin...
Howdy from a very tired Editor... I've just sent in my book's manuscript and next week I move. Luckily, in getting the house ready for the market we packed up about half of our stuff (and gave away about half of that) and so the move shouldn't be too stressful. I'm working on the cocktail artwork for the book now, and getting in touch with the publisher's publicity department so that I can find out what details I can share with you!

This week I've added that classic Canadian drink, the Caeasar (aka the Bloody Caesar or Classic Caesar). It's as unique as Canadians themselves, with everyone preferring a different ratio, or rim, or garnish. Some people even exchange the vodka for another alcohol like gin, tequila, or flavoured vodkas. It uses Clamato juice, which can be found in most stores, and is what makes this beverage so interesting. To make this drink a mocktail simply ignore the alcohol and mix as desired.

I promised that newsletter subscribers would get first dibs on recipes and articles that the other website visitors couldn't access. Here are a few subscriber-only links to recipes that site visitors can't get to yet:

~ Michelle Dompierre Southern

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