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John Carpenter's Halloween (1978)
Back in 1978, a low budget horror movie was released that helped create an entire genre of it´s own and influence horror movies for years to come. John Carpenter´s Halloween is required horror viewing for any horror fan.

Family Movies Horror 2
Second part of my look at movies that include horror for which the whole family can enjoy. This time I look at 'A Nightmare Before Christmas', 'BeetleJuice' and 'Gremlins' amongst others.

The Werewolf in Cinema and Film
Werewolves are huge in the horror genre. The werewolf movie has been around since the 1930´s with varying levels of success. Here is a short history of the werewolf film genre, with a few titles any werewolf fan should check out! Some favorites! Plus, a look at the 2009 'The Wolf Man' re-make.

Family Horror Movies
What horror movies can you watch as a family? It's a tough one, but here are a few responsible choices of film in the horror genre that the entire family can enjoy, including children and young teens.

Stephen King Movies
There isn´t room in one article to thoroughly review all the movies based on Stephen King´s work. A brief sampling of several are included here to point out the variety of topics these movies cover and some of my personal favorites.

Best Female Horror Villains
A look at three of the most interesting and diverse female horror killers in the horror genre, a true rarity. I look at ‘The Ring’, ‘Scream 2’, and ‘Friday the 13th’, if you haven’t seen the movies beware, you’re about to learn who the killers are. Plus, 'Scream 4' news.

The Femme Fatale in cinema
My look at some of cinema's best Female Villains from classic thrillers, including 'Basic Instinct', 'Fatal Attraction', 'Poison Ivy', 'The Hand That Rocks The Cradle' and 'Black Widow.'

Drag Me To Hell review
Review of Sam Raimi's innovative and fresh horror, ‘Drag me to Hell’, starring Alison Lohman as Christine Brown, an unfortunate girl who has a curse placed on her by a gypsy. Also stars Justin Long, in this welcome comeback from director, Raimi, to the horror genre.

They Wait movie review.
A review of the psychological ghost story, ‘They Wait’ starring Jaime King as Sarah, a mother thrown into turmoil, after vengeful spirits try to steal her son’s soul. From the creators of ‘White Noise’ and ‘Alone in the Dark’ comes an original thriller/horror.

Horror movies and Splatter movies
What is the difference between genuine horror movies and splatter movies? If horror is used to scare and haunt, why are we seeing more and more torture porn from Hollywood, what audience does it serve, and what is it's message?

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