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A Study of Psycho
My first look at the iconic and classic masterpiece of film from director, Alfred Hitchcock. I look at 'Psycho' and how not only did Hitchcock create a masterpiece, but he set the rules for the many horror films to follow.

Horror Movies you should see
For horror fans that are running out of movies to watch, here is a list of several movies which you may not have heard of and are reccomended.

The Uninvited Review
A review of 'The Uninvited' - a thriller style horror, loosely based on the South Korean film 'A Tale of Two Sisters' and starring Emily Browning and Arielle Kebbel as sisters who are convinced their step-mother is trying to kill them.

REC. Film Review
A reporter and her camera-man find themselves quarantined in an apartment block filled with zombies and the occult in this terrifying Spanish horror film.

The Unborn Film Review
A review of the David S. Goyer film 'The Unborn' starring Cam Gigandet, Gary Oldman and Odette Yustman as Casey, a teenage girl being haunted by a creepy little dead boy who wants to possess her and steal her body.

Wrong Turn 3 Left For Dead Review
The first 'Wrong Turn' movie was really good stuff with inbred cannibals chasing a group of trapped youngsters. It was so good it started it's own franchise, and here we are with number 3. So is 'Wrong Turn 3: Left For Dead' up to scratch?

Rob Zombies Halloween 2 Review
Is Rob Zombie's 'Halloween 2' really as bad and silly as "they" say? Or does it have some good qualities that can be seen? I review the movie and try and see what Rob is trying to say.

Cars In Horror Movies
Here I look at the most famous and infamous cars and vehicles in the horror movie genre; from 'Christine' to 'Psycho', giving you the car makes and model numbers too. So how important is a car to a film? It turns out, very!

Freddy vs. Jason review
Jason Voorhees and Freddy Kruger duke it out like the horror icons they are in this fun, shameless horror. This is a really fun movie to watch and fans of both franchises should enjoy it - but who wins?

The Popularity of Horror Films
Do you ever get embarrassed for liking horror movies? Or are you made to feel that horror films aren't an art form worth respect? Read on to find out what horror movies really do, and just why they're so popular.

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