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NK Cells May Impair Uterine Blood Flow
High levels of NK cells may impair blood flow to the uterus which is known to increase the risks of miscarriage. Reproductive immunologists test for and treat this condition.

Letrozole More Successful Than Clomid In PCOS
Letrozole may yield better pregnancy rates and improves embryo implantation compared to Clomid in women with PCOS.

Propolis And Endometriosis
Propolis - a bee product - has been shown to increase pregnancy rates in women with endometriosis.

Pesticides In Drinking Water May Harm Fertility
Pesticides in drinking water - even at safe levels - can disrupt female fertility. A good water filter can help.

Heavy Metals May Reduce Embryo Quality
Excessive heavy metals may reduce egg and embryo quality. Detoxification may help.

Is Wi-Fi Hazardous To Sperm?
A 2011 study has raised concern that exposure to Wi-Fi may lower sperm motility and increase DNA damage.

Black Cohosh May Increase Pregnancy In PCOS
When Black cohosh is used alongside clomid in PCOS women pregnancy rates may increase, the uterus lining may be thicker and hormone levels may be optimized.

Hypnotherapy And Anovulatory Infertility
Hypnotherapy may be able to help resolve anovulatory infertility according to one small study.

Acupuncture And Sildenafil Thicken Uterus Lining
A combination of sildenafil suppositories and acupuncture can help to thicken the uterus lining when it is too thin (less than 8mm) for embryo implantation.

N-Acetyl Cysteine And Laparoscopic Drilling
N-acetyl cysteine can increase ovulation and pregnancy rates while dropping miscarriage rates after laparoscopic ovarian drilling in PCOS.

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