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Jungle Tales - Book Review
Although this book was originally written and published in 1918 by Horacio Quiroga (1878-1937), this edition of the book was translated to English by Jeff Zorrilla.

The Mysteries of the Loch Ness Monster – Review
For hundreds of years people have wondered about the Loch Ness Monster. They still wonder if a giant monster is even now lurking in the depths of a Scottish lake.

Sly the Sleuth - Mystery Series
Sly the Sleuth Mystery series are early chapter books. The young girl helps to solve mysteries involving her neighbors and friends. These are enjoyable for ages four to eight but can be read and enjoyed by others as well.

Tangled-Kingdom of Color – Book Review
A Disney Tangled “ready to read” Level 1 book to enjoy! What colors does Rapunzel find in the kingdom?

Angie and Me – Book Review
Jenna’s mom thinks she has growing pains. But it's Juvenile Rheumatic Arthritis - and now the doctors are sending her to the hospital for the summer. I thought only old people get arthritis.

Narnia - Christian Themes
Those familiar with Christian beliefs notice the symbolism in the Chronicles of Narnia. The stories are more than classic tales of good versus evil.

Reading - A
Learn to read by reinforcing letters and sounds and with words and collections of books that start with that letter. Today: A

The Acorn People - Book Review
Can acceptance change the way we feel about differences? A true story about a group of disabled children who get to experience summer camp, and the positive growth for all; the children, the counselors and all those involved.

AG - Meet Samantha 1904 – Book Review
In 1904 young ladies wore dresses covered with frilly aprons, high button shoes and long stockings held up with garters. They are not allowed to climb trees, instead must spend time sewing.

Dawn and the Disappearing Dogs
The Baby-Sitters Club Mystery #7, Dawn and the Disappearing Dogs is by by Ann M. Martin. A Great Dane disappears when Dawn baby-sits. Will she find the missing dog?

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