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Using a hearing aid
You just buy a hearing aid and stick it in your ear and you can hear properly again – that’s right isn’t it? Wouldn’t it be great if it was that simple, but it’s not.

Telephony for the deaf
Using the telephone if your deaf was, in the past, difficult. But there are so many new technologies available that telephony is now available to almost everyone.

Cochlear implants and music
The Cochlear implant has come a long way since its invention, but has it yet returned normal hearing? According to Graeme Clark, the Australian inventor of this technology, the answer is NO. So as a user, where is it lacking?

Hearing loss and music
When someone starts to go deaf, losing music is probably not their first concern. In fact, many will naturally stop listening to music until one day the recognise how much they have missed.

What happens at a hearing test?
There’s no need to be afraid of taking a hearing test. You won’t be poked with needles or asked to strip off your clothes! A hearing test is simple, has no risks and causes no discomfort.

Hearing loss self-evaluation
Are there some situations where you feel you are not hearing as well as you should? Here’s a self-evaluation which may help you decide whether to seek professional help and have your hearing checked.

Deafness Denial
Nagging someone about their inability to hear generally does not help and often has the opposite effect. It does not get the person to take a hearing test if they have a loss.

I'm not deaf!
Age-related deafness is gradual, often slow and at first not even noticed. Family, friends and work colleagues are usually the first to notice a difference.

Help hearing people help you
Isolation is not a solution to avoid communication. Ask people (your family) how they would like to communicate with you. Help your family to know how best to attract your attention. It is a learning process for everyone and patience is needed by all of us.

Gradual Hearing Loss
Someone who has a gradual hearing loss goes through many stages and these are some of the characteristics.

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