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The People of Guatemala
Life is not easy for the majority in Guatemala. There is a vast population of descendants of the indigenous people struggling for survival, who has kept their traditions, language arts and crafts alive for over a thousand years.

Love in the Time of Cholera - Book Review
Love in the Time of Cholera is an astoundingly powerful love story. The author delves into the minds of his characters. He tells their stories as events woven into a continuity not bound by chronology. The character's stories are revealed, embroidered, shelved,then woven back into the whole.

Fiesta de Quinceaños
The ancient tribes of Mesoamerica celebrated rites of passage for their girls. Becoming a woman was an honor, sacred, a privilege and something to truly cherish. The fascinating evolution of the rite from that of a simple agrarian indigenous tribe to the extreme Quinceañera Expos of the U.S.

Traditional Tortillas from Beginning to Eaten
Tortillas begin with the cultivation of maize. Maize goes through the process of nixtamalization which alters its chemistry to make its nutrients more bioavailable. Fresh nixtamal is made into dough, cooked quickly and eaten even more quickly. The fillings for tortillas are infinite.

Romancing the Cuban Cigar
Cuban cigars are highly prized world-wide for their superior quality. Cigar smoking is most often described in sensuous terms. One sips the cigar and enjoys an hour of opulent smoking pleasure. Many law-abiding American have been seduced into crime by the lust for Cuban cigars.

Ancient Mayan Culture
The ancient Mayan civilization dates back to 3200 B.C. and was situated in what is now Mexico, Guatemala, Belize and part of Honduras. The Mayan people of Mesoamerica expressed their culture through their achievements in astronomy, mathematics, great palaces and temples, art, music and dance.

The House on Mango Street - Book Review
The House on Mango Street by Sandra Cisneros is a profound, lyrical coming of age story that can inspire confidence, while being, sad, funny, and tragic. It is entertaining, and thought provoking. The more you read it, the more value it brings you.

Panama Canal and Culture
The Republic of Panama has a cultural diversity that is uniquely rich as a result of the continual procession of international visitors to one of the greatest engineering marvels of the world, the Panama Canal. Panamanians are known for their warm acceptance, tolerance and harmony.

Christopher Columbus' Sinister Agenda
Christopher Columbus is often credited with discovering the Americas. There is a great deal of distortion around his role in history. Columbus initiated the genocide of the indigenous people and firmly established slavery in the New World, engendering the culture of distrust throughout the Americas.

Costa Rica Retirement
Are you tired of long commutes, cubicles and time-clocks? Do you want to retire but fear that you cannot afford it? Living in Latin America can be very feasible on less money than it requires to live in the States. Costa Rica is viable choice with its excellent healthcare and climate.

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