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Dragon Ball Z - Budokai
Dragon Ball Z: Budokai for the Nintendo Gamecube is a remake of the game of the same name for the Playstation 2. It is a fighting game that covers the Dragon Ball Z storyline from the Saiyan Saga to the Cell Games Saga.

The Simpsons : Hit-and-Run
The Simpsons: Hit-and-Run is a game based on the television show, The Simpsons. It is very similar, gameplay-wise, to Grand Theft Auto III, except less controversial.

Dinotopia - The Sunstone Odyssey
Fans of dinosaurs will enjoy romping around with your favorite T-Rexes and stegos. But for the rest of us, this platform-adventure is a bit dated.

Star Wars : Rogue Squadron III : Rebel Strike.
A Star Wars game with plenty of shooting and flying X-Wings.

Metal Gear Solid - The Twin Snakes
If you´re familiar with the Metal Gear Solid series, you know the story. Stealthy guy infiltrates enemy encampment and knocks out or kills whoever he encounters.

Sonic Heroes for GameCube
Fans of Sonic the Hedgehog will be interested in seeing him in a new setting - in a jumping platform game using 3 heroes at a time.

Ty the Tasmanian Tiger
If you love adventure / gathering games where you go from level to level killing enemies and gathering up items, then Ty the Tasmanian Tiger is a great game to get!

Kirby's Air Ride
"Kirby’s Air Ride” is a new style of Kirby game, being a racing game rather than a side scroller. It’s a fun game for Kirby fans, racing fans, or anyone who likes fun!

F-Zero GX : Futuristic Mach-speed Racing!
The heir to the F-Zero throne, and an amazingly fast racing game!

Soul Caliber II
A fighting game that has everything-great graphics, great sound, great design, and a great story!

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