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Manipura Chakra
Your self-worth, digestive health, and sense of energy are all located in the third chakra. Asanas which focus here will also help bring your sense of self into balance with the rest of the world.

Yoga and Labyrinths
Labyrinths are not usually associated with the practice of yoga, but they have a long history as a method of quieting and concentrating the mind. Why not meld tradition?

Vasisthasana, or Side Plank
Side Plank is one of the more challenging balances, but it is well worth the time it takes to master the asana.

Yoga Anatomy
Seasoned yogi/nis and prospective teachers will enjoy perusing this reference book focused on the anatomical demands of yoga.

Anusara Yoga
Once a predominant school yoga, Anusara has splintered in the last decade. Here's why -- and why this is a shame.

Yoga Clothing From Athleta
Is the yoga clothing at Athleta worth the expense?

The Perfect Yoga Body?
Isn't it time we dropped this phrase from our collective yoga vocabulary?

Yoga For Paddlers
Paddle sports such as kayaking and canoeing require a strong yet supple core. Here are some ideas for using yoga to improve one’s paddling.

Alternate Nostril Breathing
Nadi Shodhana is a pranayama, or breathing technique designed to help balance the body.

Yoga 101
Completely new to yoga? Here are a few ideas for easing your way in

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