Complementary Practices

Meditation and other complementary practices are part of your yoga journey.

A Body Image Meditation star
How about taking the time in meditation to express gratitude for our bodies, our looks, and the way we present ourselves to the world?

An Introduction to the Doshas star
An understanding of these energies is central to comprehending Ayurvedic philosophy.

Autumn is Vata Season! star
Goodbye, summer heat! Hello, autumn winds! Here are some tips to help with the changing times.

Demystifying Meditation star
There are many ways to meditate, and many traditions to draw upon. But what exactly is meditation? This article attempts to demystify the practice.

Following the Breath star
Meditation doesn't need to be complicated.

Gratitude Journals and Meditation star
Interested in adding meditation to your yoga practice but finding it difficult to spare the time? Keeping a gratitude journal can help to bridge the gap.

Hamsa, Ham Sa, and So Hum star
Two unrelated concepts come together in a powerful way.

Insight Timer App star
Let technology help you begin or intensify your meditation practice!

Introduction to Kirtan star
Kirtan sessions are great ways to experience meditation. They are also a way to celebrate the greater yoga community.

Lokah Samasthah Sukhino Bhavantu star
Here's a mantra for unity and love during this international emergency.

Meditation Mount is Re-Opening! star
Thankfully, this lovely Southern California institution will continue.

Meditation on the Fly star
While we all aspire to a perfect meditation life, there are days we cannot sit still. On these days, even a few moments can make a difference.

Metta Meditation star
Here's a simple meditation to open your heart and change your life!

Monkeys, Crows, and the Maharishi star
Think meditation is just self-care? Think again!

Morning Pages as Meditation star
Need structured meditation? Want a place to explore yourself? Morning pages offer it all.

Om Purnam star
A mantra connected to the sacred Upanishad, this Sanskrit phrase is both beautiful and calming.

Pet Meditation star
Meditation needn't be confined to traditional forms. Here's a simple way to bring your daily life and animal loves into your practice.

Returning to Your Roots in Meditation star
Many of us consider meditation to be something new to learn, an esoteric practice separate from how we have been raised. But is that always true? What can we learn from the spiritual traditions of our youth?

Sound Bathing star
Curious about sound bathing? Find introductory information here.

Spring, Ayurveda, and Yoga star
It's time for spring! Here are some ideas on incorporating Ayurveda into the season.

The Gayatri Mantra star
Fall is a great time to move our meditation and yoga practices into a higher gear, and this mantra is one way to do so.

The Insight Timer App star
Let technology help you begin or intensify your meditation practice!

Traditional Chinese Medicine and Yin Yoga star
Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese Medicine are similar systems, but they emphasize different ways of caring for the body. This is then reflected in the differences between traditional and Yin Yoga.

Using a Mantra star
Interested in meditation but have trouble concentration? A mantra might help.

Walking Meditation star
If sitting meditation doesn't work for you, try walking meditation. Easily learned and practiced, it's a great way to work with the mind.

What is Ayurveda? star
Interested in bringing the body and mind into balance? Consider learning more about Ayurveda.

Winter, Ayurveda, and Yoga star
Let's take charge of our Winter comfort!

Writing and Meditation star
When traditional meditative styles are blocked, try writing out the problem!

Yoga and Labyrinths star
Labyrinths are not usually associated with the practice of yoga, but they have a long history as a method of quieting and concentrating the mind. Why not meld tradition?

Yoga During Pitta Season star
Summertime means that the living should be easy! Bring this concept to your yoga practice.

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