Yoga and Exercise

Much of the time yoga is used as a workout. It does do amazing things to your body, you stand taller, muscles are stronger, and your core is tighter. Reap the benefits of yoga, physical, mental, spir

Balance Your Practice star
Yoga isn’t “one size fits all,” and your overall practice shouldn’t be, either. Consider shaking up your yoga to add some balance – it’s better for your body and your mind.

Be Present - Fun, Cool Yoga Clothes star[offsite link]
My favorite clothing line. Clothing for the yoga lifestyle!

Health & Yoga star[offsite link]
Great yoga and cleansing items.

Hugger Mugger Yoga Wear star[offsite link]
Yoga clothes must fit and help you flow with ease. Hugger Mugger provides high quality, highly recommended yoga clothes that helps you flow.

Kneeling Postures star
Postures that promote opening of the hip and knee joints and full extension of the spine.

Prone Postures star
Prone means "face down" and these postures originate from laying face down on the mat. Prone postures promote building strength in the muscles of the back.

Sitting Postures star
Practicing these postures will help increase your ability to sit comfortably on the floor and may contribute to a decrease in lower back pain.

Standing Postures star
These asanas begin with standing on both feet. Building a firm foundation in these asanas create a strong sense of balance and body awareness.

Supine Postures star
These postures begin in svasana, or corpse pose, giving the body a rest from the constant exertion against gravity.

Yoga and Basketball star
Think yoga is for wimps? Many high-profile basketball players don't agree with you. Read on to find out why!

Yoga and Hiking star
For exercise…. And for spiritual growth… combining the two is a recipe for serenity

Yoga and Running star
There are yogis who run, and there are runners who practice yoga. However one parses it, the combination is excellent.

Yoga and Swimming star
Swimming and yoga may not have been created for each other, but many athletes will find the combination leading to love at first sight.

Yoga and Tennis star
Integrating yoga into your tennis routine can help to alleviate potential injuries and make you a better tennis player.

Yoga and Weight Training star
Contrary to popular opinion, weight training can be extremely beneficial to yoga practice. The secret lies in intelligently and selectively using the best of the gym to add strength to one's yoga moves.

Yoga for Cyclists star
Adding yoga to a cycling routine will not only improve basic fitness – it will make you a better rider.

Yoga For Paddlers star
Paddle sports such as kayaking and canoeing require a strong yet supple core. Here are some ideas for using yoga to improve one’s paddling.

Yoga, Pilates, or Both? star
There are key differences between the two disciplines!

Your Sole Form of Exercise? star
The discipline offers many health benefits, but should it be the entirety of your exercise program? Here are some thoughts on this questions.

Zafu Pillows For Mediation star[offsite link]
Zafu pillows are designed to improve posture and strengthen the spine with proper alignment.

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