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Reaching Out to the Yoga Community
Reaching out to the larger yoga community can deepen one's practice immeasurably.

Restorative Yoga
Restorative Yoga is a very different from an active practice.

Basic Poses for Beginning Practice
It's best to practice yoga regularly, but not every day has room for a complete class or video. Here are a few basic poses and an easy vinyasa that can be practiced in as little as five minutes.

Trikonasana, or Triangle Pose
As one of the basic poses, Trikonasana is an important posture to master. Here is a primer on the posture.

Using a Mantra
Interested in meditation but have trouble concentration? A mantra might help.

Yoga for Respiratory Issues
Having breathing issues? Yoga can help!

Is Yoga Teacher Training for You?
Should you enroll in a yoga teacher training? It's important to be clear about one's reasons for doing so before one begins.

Introduction to the Yamas
Yoga is more than asana. Knowing yogic philosophy can help to integrate one's physical practice into other areas of one's life. The yamas are a good place to start.

Yoga Festivals and Conferences
Interested in a multi-day yoga experience this summer? There are many conferences and festivals throughout North America during the spring and summer months.

Using a Yoga Strap
A yoga strap can be used for warming up and cooling down. It is also useful in accessing poses which demand greater flexibility than one has at the present time. Here are some ideas for using a strap.

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