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Sahasrara Chakra
The final energy center running up the human torso, Sahasrara is at once spiritual and physical -- because what is the difference between the two?

Yoga and Tennis
Integrating yoga into your tennis routine can help to alleviate potential injuries and make you a better tennis player.

Harvard Medical School Guide to Yoga Review
Looking for a secular encyclopedia of yoga and its branches? Here it is!

Choosing a Class Level
Studios offer many classes each week. Which one is right for you?

Yoga Journal and Yoga International
Two great magazizines for yoga enthusiasts - what could be better?

Chair Pose Vinyasa
This vinyasa can be used as a warm-up or a strengthener on its own. The breathwork provides a pranayamic boost as well.

Pet Meditation
Meditation needn't be confined to traditional forms. Here's a simple way to bring your daily life and animal loves into your practice.

Dharma Mittra
Chances are that Mittra’s famous artwork is hung prominently at your local yoga studio, but this is not his only contribution to the community.

Lion's Breath
Lighten up and relieve stress with this seemingly bizarre breathing exercise.

Buying a Yoga Mat
Thinking of purchasing your own mat? Here are some pointers to use when before deciding on a particular choice.

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