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Yoga for Colds & Flu
Got a cold or the flu? Here are some tips for moderating your yoga practice.

A Sanskrit word meaning ‘joy,’ ananda is a perfect focus for yoga practice.

Ever wonder why all yoga classes end with this pose?

Review of The Great Work of Your Life
Interested in learning more about yoga philosophy? Stephen Cope's latest book is a must-read for those wanting to see the relationship between the Hindu canon and modern yoga.

Yoga for Cyclists
Adding yoga to a cycling routine will not only improve basic fitness – it will make you a better rider.

The Meaning of Hatha
Do you wonder why asana practice is called 'hatha yoga'? You are not alone. There are many different reasons given for the terminology. Here's some linguistic clarification, followed by a brief history of yoga texts and terms.

A Sequence for Neck and Shoulders
During the holiday season, it’s tough to stick to an ongoing routine. As a consequence, our bodies tighten up. Fight neck tension with this sequence.

Private Yoga Sessions
Are privates worth the cost? Yes, if you're willing to find a teacher that meets your financial requirements.

Ujjayi Pranayama
Our yoga practice gives us the experience of piloting our lives like a boat through water. Ujjayi pranayama adds to the ocean of experience.

Yoga and Running
There are yogis who run, and there are runners who practice yoga. However one parses it, the combination is excellent.

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