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Half Pigeon Pose
Ardha Kapotanasana, as the pose is called in Sanskrit, is one of the strongest stretches for your gluteal muscles, but the supine variation is best for beginners.

Yoga and Basketball
Think yoga is for wimps? Many high-profile basketball players don't agree with you. Read on to find out why!

Hygge, Santosha, and Life
Hygge is more than a fad for all things Scandinavian -- it's another way to think about Santosha, the second of the niyamas. This principle provides a powerful lens to view one's daily attitude, deepening daily experience.

Introduction to the Niyamas
The niyamas are the inward attributes suggested by Patanjali as the foundation of the yogic path. Similar to the Ten Commandments in their structure, they can be best understood as ideals to start us moving towards union -- a path that ironically fluctuates between the inner and outer worlds.

A Beginning Yin Sequence to Try Daily
Looking to start a home practice? Here's an easy Yin sequence to try.

Yin Yoga Sequences
Building a home practice? The Yin style adapts well to a private setting, and the relaxation benefits can be profound. Here's where to find sequences!

Yoga and High Blood Pressure
High blood pressure is rampant in Western society. Science is beginning to show the positive effects of yoga on this condition.

Why Use a Block?
Blocks are essential props for many poses. Here are just a few examples.

Review of Mindfulness - An Everyday Guide
This single issue publication is a fast read covering a number of subjects related to yoga and meditation. What it includes in breadth it unfortunately lacks in depth, however. Should you purchase it? Read on for more information.

Aparigraha is the final yama, or restraint, in Patanjali's Eight Limbs of Yoga. As such, it's arguably the most difficult, drawing from the other four for skillfull execution.

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